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Is a total little informed about open Government reflected the German online population: only 41 percent know one of the listed offers. In first place is the Switzerland here three-fourths of the Onliners know at least one of the open government offers (74 percent). “The Swiss are leaders in use: 39 percent of those surveyed use the contact management”. The ability to enter, with the management of social networks in contact is three percent among users at least known. Despite a moderate use of open government services, respondents to see various advantages. The biggest selling point for many is is that a public discussion can serve as early warning system for the policy.

In the D-A-CH countries and in the United Kingdom about two-thirds of the online population see this advantage. In Sweden and in the United States there is at least half. Many mobile Government skeptics Smartphone, Tablet & co are increasingly used, to do administrative procedures regardless of time and place. With a total of 68 percent (46 percent extremely important””; 22 percent important “) in the future, especially the Austrians attributable to a high importance the mobile devices. The country where mobile Government as comparatively less important is considered to be, is the Switzerland. “For a quarter, mobile phone or other mobile devices remain unimportant in the future” or even extremely unimportant “for the handling of administrative procedures.

“Mobile devices in this context are extremely important for 48 percent of the respondents in Germany” (27 percent) or important “(21 percent). “21% Rate the future importance of mobile devices as unimportant” (5 percent) or very unimportant “(16 percent). The high percentage of those who reject mobile Government is striking in all countries. Especially in the United States with 66 percent and With 61 percent many respondents indicating Germany want to use in the future no mobile online Government services. In the year of 2012, 39 percent in Germany and 54 percent in the United States rejected the use of mobile Government. eGovernment MONITOR 2013: method fact sheet selection interviews performing 1,000 interviews in Germany (DE) and Switzerland (CH), 1,001 interviews in Austria (A), 1,007 interviews in the United States, 685 interviews in Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) in the further text United Kingdom called and 1,023 interviews in Sweden (SE).

Population persons in private households in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States at the age of 18 years, who use the Internet privately. Choice online panel; Data weighted according to central characteristics (gender, age, and formal education). Representative survey results to the entire population that is transferable. Survey method implementation as a online survey (computer assisted Web interview, CAWI, KW of 32 to KW of 34 in the year 2013). Definition E-Government E-Government under we understand information and services by public authorities and public institutions (municipality, town, district, etc.) which can be used over the Internet, such as for example the electronic tax declaration. Definition open Government open Government stands for the opening of Government and public administration to the citizens and the economy. The aim is greater transparency, more political participation and increased cooperation between Government and the governed. Presentation of results the press conference as a PDF document which full study 2013 is eGovernment MONITOR as a PDF under publications or to download ready.

The Regulations

Wrong: The provisions in the regulations are regulations can and need therefore does not necessarily have to be applied. Properly: In the regulations are as well as mandatory regulations as also discretion rules. Duty: not review of the legal writing services in the other subjects. Discretion – or can rules give the school no freedom of choice, the requirement to apply or not, but only a discretion in the context of the listed conditions. Wrong: Medical reports are courtesy opinion. Correctly: In a medical expert opinion the following is checked: the extent of the partial output fault the individual expression of the partial output fault the General talent level physical, psychological, or psychosocial causes any consequential faults this comprehensive opinion can’t afford teachers. Only trained medical professionals are, how empowered child and adolescent psychiatrist or children’s and youth psychotherapists.

Incorrect: Despite medical expert opinion is a more testing required by educational psychologists or specialist. Right: Because a psychological burden, as well as an intervention in the personality rights represent any Diagnostics for the parties concerned, an additional testing for the child is not reasonable. Incorrect: After 2 years, a second medical opinion is necessary. Correct: There is no information to the validity period of a medical opinion in the regulations. Medically diagnosed partial output errors are permanent impairments. Should be in some cases that may have significantly improved problem or long behind the medical opinion an opinion again displayed. Wrong: Are not to take into account about the 6th grade reading spelling difficulties.

Correctly: in higher classes the derogations of regulations (section 2.3.2) apply also if there is a medically diagnosed reading legal writing disorder, or if there is a complex range of causes for a faulty script language. Incorrect: A consideration of reading legal writing difficulties in the higher classes is unfair to the other students. Correct: This is no betterment but ensures students with disabilities and special educational needs equal opportunities.

Liberalism Is Not Just Egoism

Are we not all a bit liberal? Who represents liberal views, comes again and again in the situation to have to justify and help against the accusation of anti-social and selfish thinking. It has the appearance that many people now negatively perceive the liberalism and almost regarded as an immoral disposition. When using the opportunities arising from it, but freedom and individual responsibility are to everyone’s advantage, and this fact cannot be deduced from the natural conditions. “The word originating from the Latin liberal” means the freedom relating or liberal. And we can find freedom as a fundamental right in almost every party program and in any democratic Constitution.

Mean, freedom is the absence of arbitrary constraints, which are subject to the will of another or others (Friedrich Hayek) and therefore the right, the ability and the commitment of the people to self-determination and to the expression of his free will; However, always against the background of existing physical, legal or economic restrictions. Individual freedom has its natural limits, in the Declaration of human and civil rights, which was created after the French Revolution of 1789, States in article 4: freedom is to do anything that does not harm another. Thus, the exercise of the natural rights of each man has only the borders which assure other members of society enjoy of the same rights. These limits can be set by law. “The main concern of liberalism is the free development of the individual in all areas of life. Individual freedom is the basic standard and basis of human society on the back of the State and its political and economic order to align are liberal opinion. Where the freedom of the individual is affected, the State violence has to end up she has to intervene only if the freedom of another individual is injured. The company and the State thus become guarantor of freedom and the reason – or Each individual human rights.

Constitution Behavior

The resulting modes of thinking and behavior patterns are independent of culture and technological level of development, part of the psyche and the behavior of the people. Particularly the confrontation with their respective counterparts was the trickiest and riskiest yet most rewarding challenge for our ancestors. Like all living things, man faces the task to secure his individual survival and that of his descendants; who fail this, which has no means of his genetic markers subsequent generations to inherit from. It is so only once naturally, when individuals pursue their selfish goals; altruistic behavior will only inherit if it serves their own survival or that of posterity. In the competition of the organisms, man, possessed with his comparatively weak bodily Constitution, once bad cards. In order to pass, early humans, as also many other creatures, in small groups were formed and could increase the efficiency of food procurement and better protect themselves from enemies.

Clustering is an evolutionary advantage that has but also its price. It requires a necessary degree of cooperation and therefore the disclosure of own self-serving goals; by the members the individual must are classified in the group, whose Wohlfahrt carry, as well as observe applicable rules and standards. The people were thus forced to weigh between selfish and social behaviors and to search for the dimension right in each. This social order was sanctioned and controlled by the direct interaction. Violations of group interests remained so long in the shadows and were punished immediately. That was the human psyche and his social skills with new challenges with the transition from the nomadism to the settled life of about twelve thousand years ago, onset of rapid population growth and the concomitant emergence of large companies. The social behavior of people was governed not only by the direct interaction, it was expanded regulatory and control mechanisms, carried out by anonymous administrations.

Support For Caregivers

Why entrepreneurs more reconnaissance work shortage, emergency care, demographic change should. Tags, shaping policy and welfare for years and still massively escalate in their key messages. Also in Munster, the situation is worsening is increasingly and leads that more and more people maintain their families even. About the additional burden in the profession, however, called in this country still far too little. Childcare in the focus has long been included in the discussion of the reconciliation of work and family. For several years, but increasingly also the care domiciliary care for elderly family members at the Center moves. Especially in the approaching Christmas, many take their loved ones to be home and devote much of their attention to them.

So you know at the pme family services in Munster, was also a positive development and strength the cohesion within the family. However, that means whatever an additional burden in almost all cases in the “Profession: many people complain fatigue and concentration problems in the job, having also the home care or care in mind”, Britta Hufing, branch manager at the pme family service reported. Maintaining employment is at increasing maintenance often very difficult.” Even the pure care by relatives often constitutes an often underappreciated psychological burden. “It was especially the unusual role switching, burden on relatives: many have only the thoughts get used to, that their own parents are suddenly at a stage of life where they no more necessarily self-sufficient”, so Hall. “The Munster-based company sees above all entrepreneurs in the obligation to meet the changing needs of their employees and to respond to the private situation: this challenge should be left alone the carers”, which calls Social scientist. Companies would have to create better framework conditions for the reconciliation of care and professional and not see that they benefit by the relief of their employees in the end also. More relaxed employees mean at the same time also more efficient staff.” What possibilities you can scoop as employers and workers for that, often depends on individual cases. The experience show that not all measures to each company fit? “However there is a lack in almost all cases first background information, know also as Britta Hufing: whether information on family care time, finding a care solution or apply for financial services outreach to all aspects of the care is and remains the most important and at the same time easiest way for any company to offer assistance.” Because time and attention are still the best gift for parents.

Charles Darwin

The chemical and physical processes thus excited cause changes of State of matter and to so which commute between the Poland of possible States or other the words to a tug of war conflicts. Heraclitus therefore also speaks of the war (dispute) as the father of all things”. All opposites are but also interrelated, each pole gets its meaning only by its antithesis: lot and low, fast and slow, good and evil. “We would have no idea of much”, without the associated with the contrary little “. How far is swinging in the direction of one or the other and when it changes its direction, depends on the strength of resistance and opposing forces. So the changes not equally accomplished.

To keep the image of the River: whereas the small pebble is swept away by the current, so the rock will move only very slowly, almost imperceptibly. An ever-changing environment is the cause of the evolution in the sense of a gradually progressive development; in a static environment, there would be no development. But also the human culture, their social models and political and economic systems are this constant competition and same selection process, as Charles Darwin has described him in 1859 for the origin of biological species. That is valid for all individuals, groups, organizations, and States for all levels of society. This applies to nature as for culture: what yesterday was an optimal solution, may be already no longer appropriate. When is the social, economic and environmental Cast realities of society and the social and economic concepts are adjusted accordingly, then have to survive with no prospect of this. Competition and competition are the driving forces for the development of mankind and therefore are the main reasons why we are what we are. Nature of the human mind and psyche of the people arose in response to those challenges with which our ancestors faced, which drew thousands of years as hunters and gatherers in small hordes on the Savannah.


Application for compensation and at the same time targeted promotion of extracurricular help reading spelling to overcome. The compensation of your State provides that children with learning disorders, such as reading spelling or calculating weakness are treated as far as possible on an equal footing. This disadvantage offset Baden-Wurttemberg is regulated in the regulations of the Kulusministeriums for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs (from August 22, 2008). The rules are complicated and are often misunderstood and applied. The following article is informative to correct the most common mistakes. Children and young people with learning disabilities are treated in Germany schools do not always in accordance with applicable law. Parents and teachers are often overwhelmed with the complexity of the applicable laws.

There are also nationwide no uniform regulation for the handling of children with reading legal writing errors in our schools. The Federal Association for dyslexia has in all 16 federal States Established regional associations (LVL), including training and information sessions on various topics offered. “Such an event at the Landesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia Baden-Wurttemberg e.V. in Freiburg on the subject of compensation for students with reading legal writing errors from the following: most common errors of administrative provision for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs in Baden-Wurttemberg” by wife Johanna ornamental. Shown grouped together: false: dyslexia is an excuse for lazy and stupid students. Right: Dyslexia is a part failure to read and right write performance, which is due to not enough exercise or not lack of talent.

Wrong: Statement of the school: at our school, the regulations will not apply. Right: The schools are obliged v. a. in accordance with the principle of equal treatment (article 3, paragraph 1, basic law) the administrative provision of Office due, i.e. without a special request of the student or the Parents themselves to apply.