Zlia Cavalcanti Reality

Intention was to direct and to extend the look so that when I break up valuing it can be prepared to accept the set biggest, that is, the historical, an unknown place for many pupils and not pertaining building its reality. ' ' How I can to accept me and to respect me if I am imprisoned in mine to make (to know), because I did not learn one to make (to think) that my world allowed me to learn any other tasks when moving, if dumb my daily life? … ' ' (MATURANA, H., 1998. 31).? Reflecting on these affirmations, to stimulate the creative production, on the basis of stories of the daily one, either this reality, field, city, beach, without denying its origins, day-by-day of the express child through the creative process will only be able to contribute for the formation of a subject citizen. Leaving of it I break up house/quarter that is something next to the student, the knowledge it personal patrimony, it its daily one, for then explaining what it is patrimony. The action of making, drawing, painting or which is used technique to stimulate the interest, comes to contribute for the success or the failure of the workshop, because of this it is necessary a comment and a dialogue with the direction of the school and the group to recognize the process most adequate to the reality of being educated. According to Zlia Cavalcanti, through the interaction with informers and information of the way, its to make artistic is mentally ill of the cultural production, what it finishes for empobrecer the development of the individual. From these information, carefully we explore the use of the abilities of each one, respecting the individual culture, because we perceive that in each group, the manifestation of small proper social groups with identification, singular habits exists and customs.

Nelly Klein

Dreams that each one has are unlimited, as they are the possibilities, when you dream, you have constancy, illusion, objectives, willingness, faith. Among those who named the Torah we find some who possessed certain disabilities: Yitzhak was blind, Moshe stuttered, Jacob was crippled, and succeeded in many important things. Never were less by their disabilities. Instead of sticking with the thought of what would happen if I can’t get it, they focused on what they knew that it could be achieved. With optimism, realism, persistence, objectively focused on its possibilities and above all their faith in Hashem. Special mothers of these children turn out to be people with great sensitivity, able to connect with their children at a level that few we were able to, they are the engines that activate the full potential that possess inside each one of these children, managing to bring out the best of their children and the best that each one possesses within if. Once I read that Di-os decided to send very special angels to Earth to help human beings to improve, in each sent angel had a learning and a message for each of us acercaramos to those special beings and learn of his joy, his laughter, his ingenuity, skills and assimilate that rather than distance ourselves from these special creatures for fear that something bad us stickingdetect that special message to Di-I hoped that we descifremos in each one of them and help them to give them the necessary tools to be able to lead their lives and continue to be inspiration for many limitations, especially in our minds, we have to believe that not We can achieve our dreams and to support all those who have the right to be different and which also seek to be happy, and make their dreams come true. Nelly Klein bibliography kaufman: wikipedia Jabad.org.ar Aish Latino original author and source of the article.

Moroccan Association

Contramanifestacin In the same zone where the Moroccans by reforms protested this Sunday, tens of the calls " young people monrquicos" they organized a manifestation to support to the new Constitution, and shouted slogans against Movement 20 of February, that they blamed of treasonous. While they sang the national anthem of Morocco, those in favor of the new Magna Carta raised flags of this country and placards with the photo of king Mohamed I SAW, and burned flags of Movement 20 of February. " Alive in Italy and I have come to Morocco stops to poyar the new Constitution and to ours rey" , it said Jalid Cherqui, one of " young people monrquicos" that dress with a tnica went to which adhered photos of the alau monarch. As it already happened last Sunday, the antiriot forces were present to avoid confrontations between both sides. In Tangiers, thousands of people went out from the popular district of Beni Makada towards downtown, and vindicated " the establishment of the democratic Magna Carta, the judgment of the corrupt political people in charge and the liberation of the prisoners polticos" , a witness commented. Munaim Musaui, one of the activists of Movement 20 of February in Tangiers, said that the purpose of the today protest is " the continuation of the fight to reach a democratic change profundo" in the country. Irregularities Activists Moroccans denounced supposed irregularities in the constitutional rrndum like, for example, Jadiya Riadi, president of the Moroccan Association of the Human rights (AMDH). Riadi emphasized that during the day of the rrndum " there was no control on the identity of votantes" , and it added that " the same day of the consultation the authorities continued asking the people who voted ' s'. On the other hand, the National Council of Human rights (CNDH, official institution), that elaborated a partial supervision of the popular consultation, emphasized in an official notice that the rrndum was carried out in " the conditions established by the law and no was registered irregularidad". The new Constitution tries, according to announced king Mohamed I SAW, to deepen in the separation of powers and the parliamentary character of the Moroccan political system. Source of the news: The movement pro reforms protests in Morocco against the new Constitution

Pasta Recipe Polenta

Very good day greetings to all, he was looking for a good recipe and after finding it I wanted to share with you, is why today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for Polenta in tomato sauce, an excellent choice to learn how to cook easy pasta recipes and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 8 or 10 people. Ingredients for the recipe for Polenta in tomato sauce: kilo of polenta 2 liters of broth 100 grams margarine 1 red onion, chopped 2 cups tomato grated 1 tablespoon chopped garlic 1 tablespoon parsley 4 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 sprig of bay leaf salt and pepper to taste Parmesan cheese to taste preparation of the Polenta recipe in tomato sauce: Heat the oil and saute the garlic and onion until they are transparent. Add tomatoes, bay leaf, salt and pepper, Cook for 10 minutes. Heat the two liters of broth and when breaking the boil pour the polenta in the form of rain, move with the spoon and add margarine. Pour the mixture in a buttered dish, cut in squares and cover with the sauce, you can go served with Parmesan cheese and parsley. Pasta recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipe and delicious recipes easy to enjoy as recipe for pasta salad and pasta recipe pies. Original author and source of the article

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Anoro Vegetables Flavored

Although I am a fan of reading, never had given me by writing, but taking advantage of the occasion and the opportunity afforded me to this page, I have decided to share what I have today in mind. Life in the cities is quite different than that can be found in any municipality with census low and away from the big cities. What most strikes me in this difference, is that the people who live in the cities yearns for the life in the countryside, quiet, healthy eating, etc but hardly give the step of leaving it all in search of the dream break. Perhaps for reasons of work, mortgage to pay, wages in cities tend to be higher than that in villages, etc would like to do a bit of emphasis on food and the differences between the city and the people. First of all I would like to clarify that not all those who live in the cities abuse of low standards of food quality, nor all of the field have a healthy diet. But as the saying to whom good tree is arrima, good Sombra cobija le, and Yes to your around people have a way of feeding themselves, they tend to copy that model of power. Unfortunately for the people of big cities, everything has to do with the time and how many things you can do in a single day, work, children, gym, cinema, etc usually have time for anything but to devote a tiempecillo to prepare a good meal or enjoy a good meal in a restaurant. But the truth is that always excuses to eat anything and exit beeps, temenos (crisis, work far from home, everything is carisimo), but what happens in these cases is that the effects of poor diet we usually see them in the long term, and is usually more expensive disease remedy. What I admire the most in the field, is able to enjoy freshly harvested products, salads and tomatoes collected a few minutes before cutting the salad, mandarins and oranges freshly squeezed with all his army of natural properties, etc unfortunately people who live in cities, (I speak in general), we have no so easy to enjoy these flavors.

Management Business Proactive

National universities, through their management schools both at the undergraduate and graduate level, should generate transformations, changes that will allow you to train, train professionals of the Administration, specifically to your administrators with another vision, responsibilities, commitments, different as it has been doing, taking into account the characteristics of the current scenarios international and national so that they can play their professional practice, in such a way that favor corporations, region, country. There are many schools that have lost their way, have remained stagnant, providing knowledge not adapted to reality, where it still remains a profile, not consistent to what is required, in particular, a country like Venezuela faced serious problems in your scenario, where its business sector, is experiencing a negative situation, unproductive and closing. Forgets, that the Administration It is the main activity that makes the difference between organizations and the success that may have the Organization to achieve its objectives and meet its social obligations, product of the use of its resources, organizational structure, a proactive, dynamic, entrepreneurial management. Elibeth Cabrera tells us about the subject, that the profession of Manager is very varied depending on the level in which the administrator is situated, must live with the routine and the daily uncertainty of the operational level or with the planning, organization, direction and control of the activities of their Department or division at the intermediate level, or even with the decision-making process at the institutional levelfacing an external environment that the company aims to serve. How much more administrator worry to know or learn as tasks, run more prepared will to act at the operational level of the company. How much more you worry develop concepts more prepared is for action at institutional level of the company. An administrator must know as is prepare a cost estimate or a sales forecast, as builds an organigram or flow grass, as a balance, is interpreted as he is elaborated the planning and control of production, etc since these skills are valuable for the Administration, however the most important and fundamental is know as used and applied them adequately the fact that circumstances, that agreement as perceived performance, administrator involvement.