Baden Durlach

The disaster, now inevitable, is completed with the successful capture of the Palatinate by the Catholic mercenary Spinola. To the brink of collapse, the union of the Evangelical League reflects seriously on abdicate to the fight. But Felipe II, carried away by their iracundias loses a valuable opportunity and instead of showing prudent and conciliatory, seen in the weakness of the enemies the perfect pretext to dominate them even more. Making evident his hatred to the Protestants, initiates a series of persecutions which supported by the Inquisition, end up with the lives of thousands of men, even women and children. The insanity of what is supposed to be a Godly man and instigated by Christian ideals, severely disappoint Protestants who take forces of weakness for hatching a new plot. Exasperated by oppression, its leaders gathered in some arcane plaza Bohemia they seek to reorganize the struggle towards the emperor.

The volunteers, who are already counted in the thousands, are integrated to the remnants of the defeated army in White Mountain led this time by the Calvinist and general Ernest Von Mansfeld, a fanatic that has well earned its nickname of the Attila of Christendom. Vigorous, refined and convinced that the truth was in the doctrine of Calvin, swears to avenge the insults received by Catholics. Philip II, who believes the victory, secured late receives the news of the formation of a new army. At that time, the head of the Hydra again branches off and thinks planning a new offensive. In the spring of 1622, met Christian, Duke of Brunswick, Jorge Frederick, margrave of Baden Durlach and Mansfeld. Its slogan was clear: or the victory or defeat. It was finally the second thing. His army of nearly 20,000 men was annihilated at the battle of Hochst (today Germany) and August 1623, Christian of Brunswick was crushed by count Tilly in Stadtlohn (current Westfalia, Germany), where only a third of the army of 21,000 men of Mansfeld managed to escape from the battle.

Without supplies, nor human resources, financing, Mansfeld Army finally dispersed in 1624. The definitive defeat and conquest of the region of the Palatinate gave Felipe II needed to govern rampant juncture. The final chains that moderated his vanity, broke down years earlier (1621), when in order to fulfill its commitments with its allies, it trampled the strata of the political organisation in your country. It is here when the war, which in principle was only Germany, went on to become a continental war.

Roman Empire Times

' ' These characteristics expressed, already two aspects of the taking of decision closely related citizenship concept, that it was so basic in the Greek world: the human character and the public of the decisions. With this, the control of the human destinations for the proper men was extended and the access of all to the world spiritual and the knowledge, the values and the forms of reasoning, allowing that everything became subject to criticizes and to debate' '. (ANDERY, PG 24) The Christianity if developed as official religion of the Roman Empire from century III of our age, and its necessities of maintenance and form of control had not moved, and yes they had changed the roupagem. The religions are without a doubt an instrument of control and cohesion of the social groups. It does not want to say that the religions do not have its value, for it I oppose the faith is the instrument that it motivates and of the direction the life of the man in all the historical times.

The question is in the religions that the man takes to the fanatism and removes of it the free will. We are passing for times of changes, changes in the values, the behaviors, the thoughts and in the way of living, today it is nailed to live well, this rank is polissmica, that is, depends on the way of life, the customs and the aptitudes of each group. In this direction the religion comes to create ways or to take off ways depending on you vary circumstances, between them, the economic one and the fundamentalismo has a great weight in the choices. ' ' The knowledge, still sufficiently incomplete, that psychology and sociology have of the man already allow to affirm some basic truths. The man is in the center of the society; the society is inside of homem' '.

Astronomical Polar

An academic, for example, expressed itself of the following form: ' ' Leaving of the experience of the course of Pedagogia, the University does not prepare permitting to work the contents of Astronomy in the Initial Series and the first stage of Basic education. They more lack contents directed toward specific substances. The University prepares the academics to search sources, places, research that allows to understand the subjects to teach, but has lack of the contents of many matrias' '. Although they have evaluated that the course of Pedagogia does not assure the appropriation of the proper contents of Astronomy, 36% of the participants of the research had not considered its insufficient formation. As it described an academic: ' ' It does not prepare to work Astronomy, but the formation is not considered insufficient since many substances exist that will be able to supply this imperfection, and if by chance to come to need the substance for my future in the area of the education will be able to search and to deepen me on the subject.

Being that the course of Pedagogia very enables in them well to pesquisar' '. Consideraes Final From the displayed one, notices a discrepancy enters the proposals of official documents and the offered one for the University for the preparation of the professors who will dedicate themselves to the Infantile Education and the Basic Education, notadamente in relation to the education of Astronomy. Another observed difficulty is in subsuno of the pedagogia to the docncia, that finishes generating a deficiency in both, therefore the formation is insufficient. Astronomy is not one disciplines specific in the Basic Education, however it constitutes axle in the resume of the Infantile Education and a estruturante content in the Basic Education. In this manner, one becomes important that the professor understands the 1. Permitted in Pedagogia and monitorial of attendance in the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son, of Fundao Technological Park Itaipu (FPTI).