Armed Forces

The structure of the chapter counts on personal certifications of survivors of episodes in which its basic human rights seriously had been disrespected. CHAPTER 4: SOCIAL MEMORY OF the REPRESSION the Military dictatorship was officially insult in 1985. Then for which they had been the social contributions here that had been deliver in them for the Regimen? The contributions of the Dra. Soraia Ansara (PUC-SP) had been essential for the reflections above as well as for the conclusion of the chapter in question. The military government in them bequeathed the influence of a ditatorial and repressive regimen, negative marks of a cerceador and amordaante period.

In the ANSARA vision, we receive in the same way, an excellent legacy of the military: the learning of the practical one of resistance of the social movements. CHAPTER 1? THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT THAT LED TO THE EVENTS OF DAYS 31 OF MARCH 1 OF APRIL OF 1964 In this chapter we will go to reflect on the context that led to the construction of the Doctrine of National Security. We will analyze some aspects of the preparatory phase of the coup d etat, having observed important details of the government of Goulart Joo and the events of 31 of March and 1 of April of 1964. The CONCEPTION OF the DOCTRINE OF NATIONAL SECURITY One of the main reasons that prepared the necessary historical context for the occurrence of the Military Blow of 31 of March and 1 of April of 1964 was the importance degree that the Doctrine of National Security had for the high steps of the Armed Forces in the years that they had preceded to the taking of being able. In the military speeches, already in 1930, the expression national security was present in says of General Ges Hunter to them. In accordance with its reasoning the State would have ' ' to establish, in solid bases, the security nacional' '.


There was once a common man, who lived in a common city. His life was common, Macfran had a common family, lived in a common neighborhood, had a common work, as well as you. A day like any other and suddenly left without a job. Notwithstanding initially that seemed bad news, it didn’t know what to expect. He always thought it would be easy for a person with their characteristics to find jobs and relocate immediately. I was accustomed to the security of the money, although he was not living with excesses, his life, it was comfortable more than wealthy. The first week took it in stride and he decided to take her quiet and relax a little, already for the next week said: very well now if I will go and find a new job.

He began to emphasize in the jobs section scoring the jobs they considered ideals and began making appointments to take their extraordinary resume. I was presented to the first appointment and after a long row, give your job application and be interviewed. At the end of a long wait they told him that they would speak to him. The story was repeated every day, week after week and month after month and employment did not. To pass the time and not finding work, things changed. Macfran began to despair at the lack of money, his face lathe is worried about the needs of having to feed, dress, pay rent, light, take to the doctor to their young and thousand more expenses and have no work.

The little money that was started has become scarce. The nights began to become the time of greatest anguish of their existence, tension and anguish grew, they were like invisible dragons against whom I did not know how to fight. These Dragons remembered him halfway through the morning all the problems I had and that seemed impossible to resolve.

Gyms In Madrid

A 19 6% of gyms in the city of Madrid does not comply with the regulation that requires them to have signed an insurance contract covering the fire hazards of local and civil liability for damages to third derivatives of the conditions of the premises, facilities and services. It is a fact that emerges from the study carried out by the Municipal Institute for the months of October and November 2010 consumption within the campaign of inspection and Control of gyms. The campaign have been involved in nine technical quality and consumption of the Town Hall, which have inspected 235 gyms, detecting irregularities in 102 stores, representing a percentage of breach of 43.4%. In the previous campaign, conducted in 2006, the study was conducted among the 281 then registered gyms. Then irregularities were detected in 90 7% of cases. The figure for this year is therefore positive, since the number of deficiencies is less than half that for four years. Inspections have been conducted to monitor compliance with the regulations General about prices, timetables, tenure of complaint forms; control on general aspects of advertising; compliance with respect to the rights of consumers of obtaining invoices and receipt, and ensure the protection of consumers against the possible inclusion of clauses in contracts that violate their rights. The comparison of the above data can be seen in the chart attached to this note.

Among the results obtained are: 76.8% Of the fitness gyms can not display on the outside of the premises identification poster. In 2006, it was 94%. Contracts were formalized in 40.4% of gyms; in 2006 the figure stood at 34.8%. Contracts have been detected unfair terms in 11.6% of them, whereas in the previous campaign was 30.9%. The most common unfair terms are those that reserve the interpretation of the contract to the company, which allows the unilateral modification of the same in terms of pricing, schedules and classes to teach, and which impose penalties consumer if does not meet its obligations, while there is no counterpart to the company if it breaks theirs.

10.2% Of establishments not advertised nor do they have the book’s claims; in 2006 it was 37%. 6.4 Per cent announced prices for services offered; in 2006 he did 15.7%. Advertising deceives or does not respect the rights of consumers in 2.5% of cases; in 2006, was 19.9%. Products are marketed in 44.7% of the gyms in Madrid, but the price is not displayed in 4.8% of such establishments, while in 2006 the figure stood at 23.9%. In terms of labelling, 6.5 per cent of textile products which are sold in the premises lack labelling, against the 4.3 of the year 2006. After the campaign the corresponding disciplinary proceedings will begin.

Pablo Robert Freitas Dos Santos Permitted

Gold, precious silver and rocks indicate the weight in inestimable wealth to the eyes of God, tied ours allegiance, and when reading the term used for Jon ‘ ‘ under alpha’ ‘ we find the reply that we want, therefore is in this point where we see the linking key stops with the pregame of Jon in the river Jordon. To escape saving itself through the fire never represents to give up to fight until the blood, being used dedicated force of will, for more sliding than they can be our steps in the untiring trajectory of the mortal combat against our errors without never leaving to take in them for the way of the slavery. Pablo sufficiently had experience in this subject when writing reinstatement ‘ ‘ Being thus, I do not run as who runs without target, and I do not fight as who demurral air. But murmurous my body and I make of it my slave, so that, after having nailed to the others, I myself he does not come to be reprove.’ ‘ The parts of our life that had left redundant marks by means of our acts found weighed in the scale, could only be compensated depending on how much really we pledge in them fighting to change the panorama of this picture, reaching our redemption the edges of the compulsory nonconforming in not being a marionette of inconstancy in our Christian certification.

Here it is the Straw of which the Fire of the redemption proceeding from the part of the Esprit Saint was mentioned to Jon here it is and DE inherent Duse the life of all Christian, that in the encouragements of its untiring headquarters to the learning on the part of its errors for more painful than they can be opens the precedent to the day of the judgment here as an escape through the fire of the absolution. The message of Joo centers it the reach of this prism, entailed on way of any deduction directed to the parameters of a premature persuasion, the precipitated conclusions of what it is wanted to believe for what opposes to accept. We will go then to transliterate the ticket of Lucas.3: 17 similar to try to specialization what if it could write in other terms of bigger conclusive understanding. ‘ ‘ It will count the centralize of all power in its hands, similar of that in the day of the judgment he can outside launch of the salt mine of its Sears all salt that if will have become dull, gathering in the ravishment the wheat in the granary of the celestial mansion; burning, in the effort of each one in fighting against the sequels of its peccadilloes, with the fire I continue of the judgment of the absolution, all impure.’ ‘ Pablo Robert Freitas Dos Santos Permitted in Theology.

European Commission

At the end of 2006, a few weeks before the accession of Bulgaria and Romania in the European Union (EU), Western analysts did a little bleak assessment of the economies of the two countries, noting that to achieve the objectives of the EU both partners should set an annual rate of not less than 7% growth. In fact, two States of Southeast Europe did not meet even the basic requirements for membership of the Union: a level of development equivalent to 50% of the Community average. The hitherto undependable alternative of cohesion funds was. In other words, the maximum utilization of Community aid to stimulate the increase of economic activities. Before the accession of Sofia and Bucharest, the Baltic countries and Poland had to resort to turn to the financing of Brussels. But the situation gave an unexpected and dramatic tipping at the end of last year, when the European Commission was forced to reconsider its policy of aid to the new partners. The global crisis forced the Eurocrats to contemplate the possibility of accepting the unpopular project of a Europe at two speeds, a Union divided between rich and poor.

The countries of Eastern Europe were forced to play the thankless role of relatives poor, unable to raise head or get rid of the complex of little solvent partners. A quick review of the recessive trends of the new partners of the EU underlines the dangers facing their economies. It is estimated that GDP in the Czech Republic will around contract 2% here in late 2009. In the case of Hungary, the reduction will rub 6%, while in Lithuania, the decline could reach 12%. A real meltdown, taking into account the utopian growth prospects for 2005. According to Western economists, this could translate into a deterioration of the creditworthiness of the Union at international level. Less exposed seems to the economies of Nations such as Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, whose Governments prefer to maintain the flotation system of their respective currencies against the euro. The danger is even lower for countries that have adopted the common currency European, such as Slovakia or Slovenia.

In the majority of cases, the instability is encouraged due to the flight of the creditors and the inevitable decline of trade. The sense of isolation generates sequences of political instability, which are reflected in the resurgence of nationalism or populism and, economically, the temptation to resort to protectionist practices. All of this with a clear background of dangerous and progressive distancing from the dynamics of European integration. These dangers have become the backdrop of the European Summit in March, in which special emphasis on the threats to the solidity of the single market. The IMF, the World Bank and the European Bank for reconstruction and development are preparing new injections of funds earmarked for the Europe of the poor. Meanwhile, continental integration dream becomes nightmare for those who have been forced to face the recriminations of the euro-escepticos, as for example the President of the EU, Czech Vaclav Klaus. Not the slightest doubt that the Europe of tomorrow, the United Europe that dreamed of Maurice Schuman, Konrad Adenauer or Charles de Gaulle, will be done with the effort and the sacrifice of all. Or it won’t.

Industrial Design

The man’s life has been developed for a long time in history, and in order to have obtained conditions that made it possible that his life was sustainable and enjoyable must devise many objects that would allow that living conditions would allow it to develop environments more pleasant, in addition to evolve in the structure of society; so the man to go creating products and objects that facilitate the tasks of his life, also what he was doing was to design means that you were useful to your life, therefore design has been present from the beginning of any person or group who seek means of development. As you can understand the design of products and objects is a very important activity for the man, but should highlight a type of design that has had greater reach, thanks to what produces or rather your production field, which is the industrial design, which acts as a medium to carry out innovations that make people’s lives betterIn addition to which it contributes greatly to Exchange economic and broad activities cultural lenses to allow trends and tastes of a particular place in the world, can give out all over the planet. With fashion to the above to be talking about industrial design, is this referring to an activity that made people with the idea of creating or developing products or industrial objects with a touch human and engineered for humans, with the idea that with the humanization of such objects, they can be total utility for people and let them various activities of persons be more easy and pleasant. So the industrial design would be applied art in industrial production, which allows different creations occurring at industrial level have both a nice aesthetic appearance and that they can carry out their duties properly, so in industrial design are mixed aesthetics, functionality, and materials demonstrating the creative expression of the industrial designer. It is true that the design has been present almost throughout the history of man, but the connotation of only industrial design would appear as a phenomenon that he would accompany the new era that came after the industrial revolution of the 19th century, since that began to leave behind the manual production and ushered in the production with machines of various products, with the idea of producing in larger amounts and be able to meet the needs of many people, but do not forget the utility and aesthetics. Industrial design began to gain great strength for the year 1919 the first institution dedicated to the teaching of industrial design would be created and for the year 1930 industrial design would reach its peak and from this industrial design is beginning to develop around the world, reaching a university education level..