Corporation Hill

While certainly the time has passed persists even those who intend to continue enforcing the profitability of their businesses by using blackmail and murder. Gospel Hill a movie of Future Films. Directed by Giancarlo Esposito. Produced by xxxxxxxxxxxx. And acted by angela Basatt (Sarah Malcolm), Danny Glover (John Malcolm), Giancarlo Esposito (Dr. Palmer) and Samuel L. Jackson (Peter Malcolm).

Gospel Hill is a small suburb where the poor and increasing employment arouses the greed of a powerful Corporation that has decided on their land the construction of golf course with 27 holes, followed by a housing complex for people with class to upper middle. Sarah Malcolm, hardened master wife of the son of the legendary leader, it justifiably apone the project, despite the fact that they have already begun to intimidate it. On the other hand John Malcolm, deeply counteracted and visibly remorseful for the murder of his father has fallen in despair and defeatism. The crime happened in full light of day and with several witnesses still unresolved, inevitably gravitating in the memory of many in the town and pointing straight as solely responsible for the now former Sheriff, Jack Herrod. This character, for years trying to from his forced racism and generally objected to others their own guilt, finally arrives you the day that totally overcome by remorse is taken to find a John Malcolm next to the tomb of his father and access to take you where the real murderer is. Find it transformed into a poor Devil who can scarcely move bed and totally consumed by the years.

Understanding that it will not return to his father avenging of that poor Devil retires. Meanwhile, just 40 years ago, his wife already has been sentenced to death by the powerful Valley Corporation. Only in the hands of her husband John Malcolm is avoid a repetition of history. Gospel Hill a good movie that will help us not to forget the sacrifice of some men to make this world a more just and habitable place. The recommend.

Honduras Lucida

Lucid Honduras. We are not all blind, but as it costs to keep your eyes open. (Jose Saramago) He had never seen my people more lucid than today. Clarity and mental agility that has had to understand and explain the things which have befallen us from June 28 (day of the military coup) are impressive: all know, that in the last election in 2005 did not vote for Mr Micheletti. What happened on June 28 in Honduras, was a military coup. That the solution to the current conflict is in roll back the situation to the original state from June 27.

At this time there is no conditions for holding elections under a regime de facto. Bad weather to vote, complained the President of the polling station number fourteen after close soaked umbrella with violence and removed the gabardine that little had served during the hasty trot of forty metres that separated the place where parked car door where, with hearts leaving him by the mouth, just enter. Because well, with these words Jose Saramago, it presents a very similar to ours, space in the ensayo sobre la lucidez, approaching the municipal elections, PDM (Party of the medium) PDD (Party of the right) PDI (the left party) were about to an upcoming election. And they are betrayed by a law older than democracy itself, the right to know the truth, the right to think, the right to exercise a critical and analytical thinking that takes them to judge and make decisions. And that, them scary, rather than a war, rather than a chemical attack.

In this novel Saramago, input presents us a storm Raetia reported landslides and flooding everywhere. the President of the polling station number fourteen, am very concerned something frankly strange is happening here, so far it has not appeared nor a single elector to vote, already more than one hour ago we opened, and not a soul, Yes Sir, of course, to the storm there is no means of stopping it. The protagonists are women and a Commissioner of police that retained the view in the epidemic of white light, they give samples of the moral high ground that anonymous citizens can achieve when they decide to exercise their freedom. In Honduras the storm that unties from the fateful June 28 is called coup, accompanied by provocations and violations of human rights, one after another the sewers of power are put in place: the guilty parties have to be eliminated. And if they are not, they are invented. As well as surveys, projections and goals are invented. There to be alert if my twin or twin appears giving a vote that I have not given. It can happen that one day we must ask ourselves who has signed this for me?