Leadership Management

If I have faith that I’m capable of performing such a work, I consequently adquirire the ability to do it, even if it did not possess that ability at the beginning. That means that the optimistic projection of our possibilities increases dramatically to the above-mentioned possibilities and capabilities.Mahatma Gandhi generalities abundant have been pages that have been written about leadership and its different characteristics according to the role that it should play. However, also been noted for example for the Venezuelan case that there are a carecimiento of leaders, both political, as in the management. Comments that do not appear those persons able to generate changes, necessary transformations according to the reality of the present, as well as who is also able to meet the challenges, the threats that arise from the behavior of those who say leaders and have given way to situations rather than encourage his followers in unanimous form, originating division, dispute that affects his image his achievements. A good leader can never give way their ambitions, interests, recognition to foster discrepancies, violate their goals, bring about solutions, driving his followers to the achievement of the objectives that have been proposed to achieve, avoid organizational conflicts and everything that pass to a grim organizational climate. He is said that leadership is put into practice inside out on four levels: staff: my relationship with myself Interpersonal: my interrelations and interactions with the other management: my responsibility to do that others carry out specific organizational tasks: my need to organize people, group them, train them, compensate them, build teams, solve problems and create a structure, strategies and systems according to them. Features the distinctive features of the leaders can be described below: exercised for the auto-renew, they do so regularly in the four dimension of human, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual personality. These principles of self-renew will gradually lead to a healthy, and strong character with a desire strongly disciplined and service-oriented.

Energy Management

Work for the implementation of methods of management of water and energy, such as rainwater harvesting and renewable energy community models. Fight against the consumerist model and develop campaigns against intensive products consumption in energy. Continue discussing and collectively building the principles and guidelines of an energy model and the management of water, based on environmental responsibility and at the service of peoples. Intensify exchanges between activists and movements working on dams, water, energy, environmental and climate; justice including reciprocal visits with Exchange of affected people from different countries. Strengthen our movements linking them with others who struggle against the neo-liberal development model, and by a global ecological and social justice. Celebrate each year the day of action against dams and for rivers, water and life (March 14).

In addition to directly express solidarity with the threat of the El Zapotillo in Temacapulin dam, they recalled that the villages affected in many parts are forced to fight to not be annihilated physically and culturally. Coastal, rural and urban communities see dams destroy livelihoods and their modes. Also that women suffer even more dramatically the ruptures of community and family life resulting from the construction of dams. In many parts, they are discriminated against in the resettlement and repair processes. In addition, the concentration of thousands of workers during the construction phase many times accompanied by of prostitution, epidemics and deterioration of the education and health services affecting the lives of women in a very direct and immediate way.

And that young people, elderly and elderly women are also particularly vulnerable to the economic, social and cultural transformations caused by the dams. And, finally, that privatization processes driven by the IMF and the World Bank in the 1990s transformed energy production and water into a large business. Corporations make exorbitant profits in the construction of dams, in the agro-negocio, in the hydro-business and mining.

One Same Very

It is common that people go through life taking us very seriously. One creates its own image and convinces her. However those around us often have another perception of one, sometimes even very different. They perceive more easily our ridiculous aspects, those who one is customary if perhaps view askance, although it usually prefers to shun any knowledge about their existence. We tend to laugh with ease of the absurd aspects of others, but few dare to do so of their own personal psychological traits. This is an understandable resistance to see the own ego, with all its deformities. It is not very nice, at first instance, discover the fealdades that one loaded into his psyche.

But this makes sense, what matters is daring to take the next step. It is worthy of note that people who are able to laugh even in a public way of its own absurd often generate great confidence in his fellow men and they are perceived as intelligent and sensitive people. The gain, in terms of empathy, is notorious. Implies that there is a some knowledge of human nature and that they are therefore reliable. It is also very common that human beings go resolutely creating an image of seriousness and formality to the world, with the aim of generating the perception that we are worthy and deserving of trust that require business or own daily routine chores of each one. If you prefer, that’s all right, we shouldn’t necessarily expect a change.

What is important is the attitude inside, what is the level of awareness of oneself. If you are aware of your own absurdities, if you start to discover yourself as you are, then you can laugh with ease of these ridiculous aspects that loads in your interior. And believe me, you’re going to rest. You shalt you a huge weight off when you dare to do so.

Liliana Pages

To make you understand this concept more clearly, think of what happens with the vast majority of people who simply to survive each day without illusions, without planning your life, without clear objectives, opting to continue growing instead of giving real meaning to his life. You must have motivations or powerful enough reasons to logar attain your dreams. When you know well what you want and want it with sufficient force, you will easily find how to get it. Responses, methods, and solutions you need to overcome the problems that arise along the way will reveal no more. You must ask yourself: what is what motivates me? Recalling that make money on the internet should be only the means to get what you really want; There are four major motivators: recognition is the first motivation. Large companies and shrewd business managers know that many people make more to achieving the recognition of others than by any other type material reward. The feeling of victory the second reason why some people come to the Summit is by what it feels like to win.

This is one of the best motivations. If there is to be addicted to something is to win. Many millionaires still working ten or twelve hours a day to earn millions more. And do not by need for money. What they need is the joy, the pleasure, the satisfaction of overcoming. For them the big motivation is not money, is the way, walk, the wonderful feeling that produces gain. The family is a great motivator. Many people would do for her family that are not capable of doing for themselves.

Generosity the desire to share our own wealth is the fourth great motivator. When the great Andrew Carnegie steel magnate died, there was a yellowing sheet of paper in the drawer of his desk. On that piece of paper, dating from when was twenty years old, Carnegie had written the main goal of his life: I will devote the first half of my life to accumulate money, and the second to distribute it. That inspired him so much that he amassed a fortune equivalent to 4,500 million dollars today, which handed out merrily in the latter part of his life. In synthesis, you must establish in detail your illusions: the life you want to lead your Your motivation clearly defined objectives: motor for achieving them in writing, and from there the ceiling is the sky. That Yes, I suggest that you lend attention to proposals such as: earn easy money, earn money fast, earn free money or earn money without work this yea that is impossible to not be fooled! Everything has a price on life. Well been money is a work product that led an effort, applied knowledge and time;on the other hand, the amount of money you earn always will be proportional to the effort, the commitment and the strength of your motivation.

Istanbul Trip

Istanbul, situated between East and West, with a majority Muslim population, but with major Christian and Jewish minorities. It has been capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and, later, of the Ottoman Empire, currently it has given the capital of Turkey to Ankara. And with this Mongrel lineage could not only offer us a full of Arab and Mediterranean influences and varied gastronomy. One of the most popular dishes of the Turkish food is the Doner Kebab, doner means that rotates and Kebab means meat roast, which translates into fine pieces of roast lamb, introduced in a delicious pita bread and seasoned with a sauce that can be spicy or yogurt and garlic. This Turkish dish can be eaten in all the capitals of Europe, having been extended to also do it with beef or even chicken.

Although the Turkish cuisine is not very rich in fish, we can try traditional dishes of fish as the Lufer, blue fish from the Bosphorus or the Bluefish which is the best fish from the Bosphorus and is unknown in Spain. Likewise, the fried mussels and stuffed with rice are typical of the towns of the coast Egea. But the most characteristic of Turkish cuisine, apart from the Kebab, are their desserts and the you. Among the Turkish delight, Lokum is called desserts that lead sugar, cream, cornstarch and water. Most valued fruits for Turkish desserts are peach and strawberry. Arab influence is reflected by the use of cinnamon and taste left for the puff pastry.

As we can see Turkey has so Mediterranean gastronomic influences how Arab, though the example of most important foreign culinary influence came East, since tea is the most consumed in Turkey beverage, exist an infinite number of different varieties. The funny thing is that Turks, even a hundred years ago unaware this drink, and used to drink Turkish coffee. In 1924, Zihni Derin, an agronomist, brought Georgia tea seeds and planted them in Rize, the wettest city in Turkey. The plant experienced such successful than the Turks taking you to breakfast, after lunch and sometimes more throughout the day. In our Istanbul guide you can find more information to travel to Istanbul, among which included more information about Turkish baths in Istanbul and visit in Istanbul. Original author and source of the article.

Balearic Islands

Each year an immense amount of Spanish entrepreneurs was launched in our country to realize his dream to start an own business. They are aware that it is a very important decision that involves much risk and especially requiring spend lot of money, especially if we stress the fact that it is usual that the process that is required to start a business extends more than planned as a result of all procedures involved and above all by the lack of knowledge regarding requirements and documentation required. Since the beginning of this year, Spaniards wishing to start a business have it a little easier thanks to the entry into force of the Royal Decree which approves the establishment of limited companies by telematic means, option already used by other European countries, such as England for example, for some years now. Thanks to this new service, it can save much time and money on the necessary steps to start a business in Spain. There are currently 150 offices of processing telematics to create companies in 13 communities in the country. The communities that still do not have Office telematics are Basque country, Navarra, Cantabria, the Balearic Islands and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Negotiations are very advanced in some of them, such as Navarra and Basque country, so soon they become running these centres that facilitate the process to start a business in Spain. Telematics processing can be via the information centre and the network of companies creation (CIRCE).

The employer or employers in question should go to any of the offices of processing telematics, which are known as points of advice and start processing (PAIT) of the CIRCE. Advances in technology make the steps easier and reduce the time to start a business in Spain. However, if you want to internationalize to way to take advantage of the opportunities offered by other European economies to Spanish businessmen, the best is to have advice from professionals Experts on incorporation of companies abroad. It is important to remember that the formalities and requirements by country vary, as do the laws and procedures. Without downplaying the cultural and language differences. Many times it is better to invest in professional advice when planning start a business abroad, rather than waste time and money in unknown terrain.


Few things are so annoying and unpleasant as excessive perspiration. In addition, fair is presented at the least opportune: when we have an interview from work, a date, a party, or simply when it is hot. Not only stains in the armpits you left in evidence, but that the bad smell can be detected from afar. To avoid all these drawbacks, you will have to take certain precautions. 1. The first is to choose a strong antiperspirant. There are many in the market, of different brands, and in different presentations: aerosol, in bar, in cream, roll on, etc.

Most contain aluminum salts, which clog the pore of the sweat gland, thus reducing the amount of excreted sweat. You have to try different brands and presentations, to see what works best for you. When you buy one of these products, read well the label, because some are only deodorants, i.e. they cover the odor but they do not diminish the amount of sweat. Some antiperspirants are also deodorants, and fulfilled both functions at the same time. 2. Choose natural fibers, like cotton or wool clothing. This type of fibre helps to perspire less, since they stop blowing air on the skin.

Synthetics, such as polyester or nylon will make you’re more prone to sweating. 3. Persons suffering from excessive perspiration always would have to carry your antiperspirant and deodorant, in order to reaplicarlo when necessary. 4. Another good idea is to bring a jacket and a shirt or blouse replacement. Where sweating is out of control and the clothes get wet, you can change your clothes or simply place you jacket on top, thus hiding spots in the armpits. 5. Finally, wash often increased sweating zones help to perspiration does not accumulate and rise to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, with the consequent bad smell that they produce. There are natural remedies for excessive sweat. So, you can combat your excessive sweating using very simple remedies that you can prepare at home. If you want to eliminate your Hyperhidrosis then I suggest that you click here to read my best recommendations for excessive sweat.

World Bank

According to him: this would put the World Bank in a difficult political situation facing the White House. The news comes at a critical moment in global negotiations over biofuels policies. The leaders of the eight countries most industrialised G8, as known s gathered in Hokkaido, Japan, where it was discussed on the food crisis and where were subjected to an intense lobbying campaigns calling for a moratorium on the use of biofuels. There is this attentive, since then on the report that with regard to biofuels will publish the British Government. He says Chakrabortty, The Guardian already advanced the study indicate that agrofuels have played an important role in the increase of the food prices reaching unprecedented levels. The increase in food prices has led to 100 millions of people below the poverty line, according to World Bank estimates, and have caused riots from Bangladesh to Egypt.

The Government Ministers have described the high prices of food and fuel as the first real economic crisis of globalization. President Bush has linked the high prices with the increase in demand from India and China, but the leaked World Bank report calls into question this assertion: the rapid growth of income in developing countries has not led to an excessive increase in the consumption of cereals and has not been responsible to an important extent by the large increase in prices. According to the report, even successive droughts in Australia have only had a marginal impact. However, the policies of the US and Europe, betting on biofuels, have been responsible for the greatest impacts on the supply and prices of food. Noteworthy comments Chakrabortty, the basket of prices examined in the study increased by 140% between 2002 and last in February of this year. The report estimated that the increase in the prices of energy and fertilizers contributed to an increase in the price of 15%, while agrofuels have been responsible for 75 per cent in the same period.

Alonso Manages

EP Vettel sentence title and could become champion in the next race. Alonso starred in a spectacular exit; ultimately, third. Alguersuari, seventh, achieved the best position of his career. So live the GP of Italy live: statistics. The German pilot of Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel, has achieved a new victory dominating from start to finish, and eight in the season, the Grand Prize of Italy held at the Monza circuit, where has been accompanied on the podium by Jenson Button (McLaren) English and Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) will be. Absence of six races to the end of the World Cup, Vettel has in Pocket their second consecutive winding in a season that is dominating without palliative. The Red Bull Driver boasts 112 points over Alonso, who has perched himself to second place after the abandonment of Mark Webber (Red Bull) in the Italian layout.

Very beginning, a great start from Alonso allowed him put first, ahead of Vettel holding him to the exit of the safety car by an accident between several cars in which Petrov, Liuzzi, D Ambrossio and Rosberg had to leave. After leaving the safety car, V ettel attacking Alonso and ahead him, marching alone thanks to its greater pace per lap, while behind Hamilton had them is stiff with Michael Schumacher and failed to advance him, since the German had a single-seater with a great top speed on the straights. For his part, Webber had to leave after going straight in a curve having no spoiler front, being the first abandonment of a Red Bull this season, single-seater which so far had been unstoppable. Alguersuari, seventh race was dominated at all times by the German’s Red Bull, which already look at winning the title, achievement that can get in the next race in Singapore, while the fight was the second position between Alonso and Jenson Button (McLaren), who could overtake the Spaniard, who with hard wheels lost traction in his car after the second pit stop and had trouble you getting good rhythms per lap. In the last part of the Grand Prix, with a great Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) in the seventh position, the best of his career, Button is escaping from Alonso and behind approached him much the other Briton, Lewis Hamilton, cutting time at every turn. Finally, hold the pulse to the British in the last two laps, where the McLaren was an extension of the Ferrari and Vettel went out satisfied a career too quiet for him, where no one was able to discuss the superiority in the track and where, once on the podium, could see you Alonso excited by knowing that practically the title is in your pocket. Very surprising was the ninth position of the Brazilian Bruno Senna (Renault), who got the first point for the Senna family name since the time of Ayrton, and the eighth place of the British Paul di Resta (Force India), pilot who is shown as the true revelation of the Championship. Source of the news: wanders at Monza Vettel and Alonso manages to climb to the podium

Analysis Company

Although in Honduras we are still not very familiar with these concepts, there are many advantages, offering derivatives, special mind if used appropriately, it can not only help us to meet the objectives of the company’s profitability, but also to clearly reduce exposure to risk in more than one aspect of risk positions. For this case we focus on the analysis of the advantages of using futures and options for risk management of an importing company, compared to the traditional techniques of purchase of currency at the daily market prices. We need to answer two basic questions: what elements that allow companies to establish exchange rate hedges as a mechanism vital to ensure the development of your business? Economic impact can have the use of foreign exchange risk management mechanisms in the profits of the company? To achieve the answers we need to have the knowledge concept of derivative instruments, its main features, advantages and disadvantages of use according to the expectations of the market, based on the context of a company whose turnover has a significant impact of foreign exchange risk resulting from the import of raw materials and has defined policies and a procedure for risk management activity. Sleep and need to any company importing or exporting is having an estrategiaque access allows you to cover the exchange rate risk to which the institutions of this kind are exposed. To apply any exchange risk hedging instrument, the steps to follow to obtain favorable results include: the identification of risk, having a broad knowledge of the services that are offered for coverage, a correct evaluation of the different alternatives and the choice of the most appropriate and the application at the appropriate time. Choice of the method of coverage is important more appropriate, but that does not totally eliminate losses that can result in poor management of the risk of exchange rate, impacts can be minimized after a correct application of the hedging instrument.