Digital Lifestyle

The power of the brand as a differentiating element is becoming increasingly important in the business world. The new formula of the brandig: exploration, development and innovation. The market competition becomes more difficult over time. Then differentiate themselves and create a strategic position of the brand becomes the challenge of companies that must compete not only with quality and cost. A new formula, now revolutionizes the way how the branding is conceived. Exploration, development and innovation in the future brands who want to consolidate and not disappear, should keep in mind a constant horizontal extension.

The most important thing will be using technology as an ally to the extent that this will serve to find new ways to innovate and reach people in environments, now inaccessible for brands and find new aspect in which influence. It is important to note that today, brands must understand the fleeting nature of the markets and the attitude of consumers in constant change. Then, only one mark being able to apply innovation and combine it with the development to achieve that this fits the existing needs in each moment, you can consolidate and extend successfully. Digital Lifestyle brands respond to a lifestyle and that’s precisely where the marca-cliente link is formed. A brand must be the reflection of what your customer wants and what this is. Currently, the Internet generation exhibits a new behavior which refers to a lifestyle digital or Digital Lifestyle. Then, the technology affects people’s behavior and the way how they relate.

In an era of connectivity, brands must respond to this Digital Lifestyle to maintain its reputation, preserve confidence, positioned and consolidated in a digital market that converge more than 660 million users. This is how the online market becomes a necessity and a strategic form of advertising, branding and development of a brand. The eBranding has a fundamental role: unify the strategic vision of the digital market with the of the traditional market to achieve a solid online positioning.

Honduras Lucida

Lucid Honduras. We are not all blind, but as it costs to keep your eyes open. (Jose Saramago) He had never seen my people more lucid than today. Clarity and mental agility that has had to understand and explain the things which have befallen us from June 28 (day of the military coup) are impressive: all know, that in the last election in 2005 did not vote for Mr Micheletti. What happened on June 28 in Honduras, was a military coup. That the solution to the current conflict is in roll back the situation to the original state from June 27.

At this time there is no conditions for holding elections under a regime de facto. Bad weather to vote, complained the President of the polling station number fourteen after close soaked umbrella with violence and removed the gabardine that little had served during the hasty trot of forty metres that separated the place where parked car door where, with hearts leaving him by the mouth, just enter. Because well, with these words Jose Saramago, it presents a very similar to ours, space in the ensayo sobre la lucidez, approaching the municipal elections, PDM (Party of the medium) PDD (Party of the right) PDI (the left party) were about to an upcoming election. And they are betrayed by a law older than democracy itself, the right to know the truth, the right to think, the right to exercise a critical and analytical thinking that takes them to judge and make decisions. And that, them scary, rather than a war, rather than a chemical attack.

In this novel Saramago, input presents us a storm Raetia reported landslides and flooding everywhere. the President of the polling station number fourteen, am very concerned something frankly strange is happening here, so far it has not appeared nor a single elector to vote, already more than one hour ago we opened, and not a soul, Yes Sir, of course, to the storm there is no means of stopping it. The protagonists are women and a Commissioner of police that retained the view in the epidemic of white light, they give samples of the moral high ground that anonymous citizens can achieve when they decide to exercise their freedom. In Honduras the storm that unties from the fateful June 28 is called coup, accompanied by provocations and violations of human rights, one after another the sewers of power are put in place: the guilty parties have to be eliminated. And if they are not, they are invented. As well as surveys, projections and goals are invented. There to be alert if my twin or twin appears giving a vote that I have not given. It can happen that one day we must ask ourselves who has signed this for me?

World Bank

According to him: this would put the World Bank in a difficult political situation facing the White House. The news comes at a critical moment in global negotiations over biofuels policies. The leaders of the eight countries most industrialised G8, as known s gathered in Hokkaido, Japan, where it was discussed on the food crisis and where were subjected to an intense lobbying campaigns calling for a moratorium on the use of biofuels. There is this attentive, since then on the report that with regard to biofuels will publish the British Government. He says Chakrabortty, The Guardian already advanced the study indicate that agrofuels have played an important role in the increase of the food prices reaching unprecedented levels. The increase in food prices has led to 100 millions of people below the poverty line, according to World Bank estimates, and have caused riots from Bangladesh to Egypt.

The Government Ministers have described the high prices of food and fuel as the first real economic crisis of globalization. President Bush has linked the high prices with the increase in demand from India and China, but the leaked World Bank report calls into question this assertion: the rapid growth of income in developing countries has not led to an excessive increase in the consumption of cereals and has not been responsible to an important extent by the large increase in prices. According to the report, even successive droughts in Australia have only had a marginal impact. However, the policies of the US and Europe, betting on biofuels, have been responsible for the greatest impacts on the supply and prices of food. Noteworthy comments Chakrabortty, the basket of prices examined in the study increased by 140% between 2002 and last in February of this year. The report estimated that the increase in the prices of energy and fertilizers contributed to an increase in the price of 15%, while agrofuels have been responsible for 75 per cent in the same period.

Museum Reina Sofia

Those who are staying in a hotel in Madrid this summer will see a fascinating exhibition at the Museum Reina Sofia called the Potosi principle and is characterized by showing the work of a group of several international artists. The full title of the exhibition is Potosi principle how can sing the song of the Lord in alien land? And it shall be open to the public until September 6. On the other hand, the idea that defends this event is summarized in the following words: surprises the blindness with which we have ignored that since the 16th century the history of Europe is inseparable from its colonies, moreover, the verifiable fact that there is no modernity without relations Center-periphery that were inaugurated with the colonial processes, according to the official website of the Museumwho has also done echo these words. Commissioned by Alice Creischer, Max Jorge Hinderer and Andreas Siekmann, this project has been carried out thanks to the collaborative work done between the Museum Reina Sofia and Haus der Kulturen der Welt. And the works of artists from different parts of the world such as Spain, Holland, China, Argentina and Germany will display. Another exhibition to the art lovers can see when visiting the Museum Reina Sofia is turnouts of drift. Experiences, journeys and morphologies, which will be exposed until August 23.

The building is closed on Tuesdays and is open from 10 am to 9 pm other days, except for Sundays in which you can visit from 10 to 14: 30 hours. The price of admission is 3 or 6 to view the complete collection of the Museum. For more information about this event visit the official website of the Museum Reina Sofia or call the (34) 91 774 10 00. It is possible that the Potosi principle is quite popular, so it is recommended to reserve hotel room in Madrid as soon as possible to avoid problems.

Country Manager

You know: the work of the person responsible for training in organizations does not try to influence the Country Manager to acquire a business that could be a millionaire opportunity. Nor refers to persuade the IOC to invest in new software globally. It is another thing. Carry forward many dialogues is one, to understand why the company is directed towards a particular destination, observe with an open eye and another closed (and the half diagonal side) how are things, i.e. how they are today, to then define the gap, analyse its causes and intervene with strategic, not magic solutionsaligned to the vision of the business. Simple (do?).

But even so, and despite his best good intention to let me guess not always succeeds. In many cases has become it evident that the only thing achieved was to convince key managers to put the hook and are at the opening of the workshop (which, incidentally, is not) little, I congratulate him). But it is not enough. Yes it might it, if one wanted to keep RH inside an absolutely operating environment, but definitely not, if you would like to convert the area into a key contributor in the execution of the corporate strategy. You know what I’m talking about you. Then, before generating a change (and will take any controls media program that includes the theme of leadership as an example), there are questions and answers that should be checked. Why? Because the success of their intervention is direct function of the ability to respond with strength and confidence. May not be a problem for you answer the following four questions (that his boss could make him): to what extent will this program help to reduce a gap of competences at the organizational level? And position to higher RH and farther? And positively change the culture of a team? And gradually, change the behavior of an individual? If it was complicated at the time of expressing an response, go thinking them, but this article does not talk about them, but you, of how to prepare to take forward the initiative for change, from start to finish.


We will use a small company called McDonald s. When Ray Kroc established McDonald s, he was not concerned about the food or its quality. It is not why people eat there. People eat at McDonald s by the predictable experience, speed and prices. What Ray perfected, and they sold to the owners of the franchise, was a system for consistently convert flesh into cash. After all, investors do not buy a franchise because they have a mission in life to serve tasty food. They are buying the business to make money, and Ray had perfected the system showing a product to the retail customers.

It is a fundamental concept that we need to understand from the outset. And what is a system anyway? Well reduced to its most basic element, a system is nothing more than a standardized set of tools and instructions. Your system can be anything if there is a common set of tools and instructions. Our job is to: promote a system distributors that sell the company’s products. Teach them (tu), leadership and marketing skills. To help our new become distributors in leaders. This will allow them to sell franchises more effectively to purchasers of franchises in the future (distributors).

Once you’ve developed or found at least five networkers leaders, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom. The biggest benefit that this industry provides, is not the money, time, and even friendships. It is what this industry can become the person that you return you all come to the table with the same tools, marketing materials and systems. You and the strengths you bring, are the only factor unknown in the equation. Choosing the right company with the right product and proper marketing system, it can help you reach your goal faster, but it will not determine your end result! My business took off when I decided to simply help others, although I do not knew it all. I was going to try to help as many people as he could. I stopped worrying about the plan of compensation, presentations and all that crap, that I think it is the key to why many people remain stagnant are focusing on things like tools, web sites and the compensation plan, always looking for something out of them that will bring them success too (bad behavior). But the desire to help people was not enough. I had to learn how to market to be able to introduce the message and that energy in the market. The intentions are useless without the ability to execute them. This business allows us to change and inspire thousands of people around the world. Your actions today will start a huge chain reaction of events that will tour the world for years, and you’ll never be able to see or understand the impact you will have in the next generations of people. Three years ago, a conversation with a friend who became my first sponsor in this industry, established in that afternoon a series of events in motion that have influenced and completely changed all the important decisions of my life since then. Think of this a simple call telephone put my whole life on a given road. A simple action is what started it all. This article that you’re reading today, is here because that friend made one call to one of your potential customers (I), three years ago. Your hold this power in your hands at this very moment. Very interesting, isn’t it? Original author and source of the article.