Venezuelan Management Administration

Success without commitment dedication makes you arrogant. INTRODUCTION companies towards achieving the goals, fulfill its mission, namely to use its resources properly, you should definitely have a current management, who know how to implement modern management tools, as well as how to interpret the needs of the environment, assess the effects of changes, challenges and give way to plans, strategic actions that will guarantee a good turnout in the markets where they operate touch. This time, we move to consider what are the characteristic features of the Venezuelan management, particularly in an uncertain scenario of uncertainty facing with the actions of the Revolutionary Bolivarian Government to establish the so-called Socialism of the XXI century has led a lot of turbulence, with little effect on productivity and quality of domestic enterprises, especially SMEs. CONSIDERATIONS, SCOPE can not ignore the fact remains, that the Globalization has unified management criteria and new organizational techniques that have been occurring in the world, especially in the economic and trade, especially for its speed, leading to companies to consider, but its role towards achieving success, participation will be very difficult to do so , companies must determine through good management, participatory, proactive, on having a good, effective culture of total quality, reengineering, outsourcing, process management, benchmarking, global marketing, relational, lateral, viral, environmental, empowerment , balanced scorecard, which are known and used tools by managers around the world and guarantee a good organizational culture Consider also that if it does not exist on a global human culture, let alone a model that defines what should be the managers' performance against a number of situations, the results are not decisive, rather, will miss the great opportunities that arise.

Management Improvement

It is not an abstract thing. The converse is a particular way of living together in coordinations of doing and the emotions. So the talk is to construct realities. Effective management Humberto Maturana, who has become a true leader for the attainment of the objectives set, reaching goals, making mistakes that can never affect it in his leadership, both in their relationships, and in their roles to play . Surprise is very important in how we act towards the realization of our leadership, especially in turbulent settings, for example, facing Venezuela.

This is very significant to be vigilant in our actions, behavior, behavior. Not surprisingly, it is said, that whoever is in charge of a company, whether the type and sector that is, either as manager or as managers of it, can make many different mistakes that can hurt him and his company. No doubt they are mixed with successes and strengths in management, but do not cease to be lunar in their daily work. Take into account as Rogelio Carrillo says that: A leader is someone who significantly affect the thinking and behavior of other individuals, maintaining a balance between: Vision, Ethics, Courage and Reality. A leader is someone who helps you get to a place where we would not go alone. Not to point fingers and tell people to go there. We lead by going to the site and explaining why. A leader must be a visible example of the role they should perform, and must create the right climate for change and improvement.