The Sounds

The studies pautados here, search to offer to a quarrel on the relation of the language and cognition and brain. The relation enters this two aspects in sends the directions to them that interact with the sociocultural questions and intersubjetividade. The functioning of the brain of the deaf person differs in parts from the brain from a falante, therefore, deficient the auditory one does not know sounds, then, if it cannot affirm that listening sounds in its mind, however, for the not deaf person, the thought produces sounds according to PINKER. ' ' (…) suddenly the sounds if had transformed into a choir of duendes bawling. Something thus: (beeper bop-bop).HUMPTY-DUMPTY (…). I verified the oscilloscope: two sequncias of tones, as programmed. The effect had of being percepivo. With a little of effort it obtained to go for front and it stops backwards listening to the sound as bips or as duendes.

(195, p.627). Ahead of this affirmation, a new questioning confides. It has a deaf brain? But to answer so complex questionings, she is necessary first to understand the relation between thought and speaks. Vigotsky says: ' ' The meaning of a word represents a so narrow amalgam of the thought and the language, that is difficult to say if it deals with a phenomenon of says or a phenomenon of pensamento' '. (150, P. 190) Of this form, we infer that even for the proper theoreticians, is a delicate subject of to be boarded and difficult affirmations, composing theories on theories, in intention to point with respect to one same route, codifying the link being thought and speak and as if of the o relation process. Vigotsky, speaks that a word without meaning is an empty sound, seeming the meaning is a component of speaks, but for psychology the meaning is a phenomenon of the thought.

The Right Future

Recently, I had conscience of the meaning of the phrase: ' ' The future alone the God pertence' '. It had never thought well about the meaning of this phrase, until has well little time, days until But a little in the spheres come back behind of the time to understand the reason of this reflection concerning the phrase: ' ' The future alone the God pertence' '. Everything started basically when I got passionate myself I decided and me to fight for the person whom it loved, was determined to conquer it and for such it wanted to know it deeply, to understand it, I hug to be it tranquilizava that it and gave security guard to it, to be the handkerchief that cleaned it the tears of its eyes, at last Then, I started to study it through the Astrology. The love has of these things, makes to commit us short while fantasistas acts and to see who we love with eyeglasses of lenses rose. It could give to me for worse, not? However, I did not obtain ' ' to take the water to mine moinho' ' , that is, to reach my objectives in the way that I wanted, for what I did not obtain to conquer its heart affectively. It was a difficult bit to accept that this battle did not go to be successful and not even had hope to gain the war. But it is thus life, it did not have another alternative and I accepted the loss. Today I understand that we were not destined one for the other and we are only good friends. This experience of the first love was very rewarding, although to have been painful at the moment of the esquecimento, however it opened me doors and windows that were closed have very, but that I needed to open and to venture me in a new world: the espiritualidade and, the astrology was the key to start a new life.

Libyan Romans

It advanced! ahead! they vociferated centuriones and optiones with as much determination that made vibrate to the complete Earth. The roar of each step, of each legionary, was a passage towards the victory. The shouts of battle, the sweat and the guide of the standards raised towards the sky, inflated the Roman spirits towards an uncontrollable ecstasy military and destruction, the Mars children. Third felt that energy it elevated and it. It happened of the impotence and Roman tears, to feel to be able and the fervor of the blood to conquer the world. Eternal Rome, thought Third. Those words acquired sense with each Carthaginian clipped, crumbling before a Rome that prevailed before the time and the space, like an own prophecy of the Gods of the new world.

The Carthaginian line staggered more and more before the force of the destiny of the universe, backing down towards its violent destruction. It was as much the push that the enemy line was dissuaded in its center, forming one medialuna. Everything indicated that the Romans would cross the enemy rows, thus managing to disperse to them and to reach the longed for victory. Then, the world was put of head, return for the Romans. Without detecting the most mini signal, the Roman forces, his enormous mass of iron and will, one was flanked by the forces of Anbal, the Libyan lanceros, ready to destroy everything to his step. Third could not understand in what moment they neglected, ignoring the crease of the allied cavalry of the left wing, the advance of the lanceros and the worse thing of everything, the curvature of of the Carthaginian rows of the front, the one that began to obstruct the Romans.

A plan was all this of Anbal? The Romans began to worry when seeing their exhibited flanks, thus losing their confidence and vigor, whereas the enemy prevailed. The reality of the battle began to would transform into a great lie. Doubt does not fit, Anbal planned everything. That miserable bastard, through this surprise tactical movement gestured his magnanimous deceit: stupid Romans, fell in my trap. How dares Anbal to turn aside the course of history? How one dares to rewrite in the Earth the divine destiny of the sentenced Roman town in the sky?

San Nicholas

As they will see more ahead, it has been impelling of each of her descendants, in addition, she is eternal student, she compiles the most incredible things and she gives equal him, if she is classic Literature, religious, old or modern. Everything is recopilable, everything must have a special interest for my Samy. It owns a flock of birds voice, when it sings emulates trinar of birds. Its fort is the poetry, with a prodigious memory, it remembers verses of its childhood, its youth, from always. Its hobbie to write, does by day and night, consists to me has tens of notebooks that testify their restlessness.

Its own philosophy of the life. Its talent: special connoisseur of the birthdays, onomsticos and festivals or reasons as to call and to make us call to each of our relatives and friendly His friendly group is recognized from always, would seem to be a species of San Nicholas, is pending to take a gift, a candy done by her, a chocolate, a fantasy. Its deal with grandsons is of friend, knows to listen and with them that sport practices. Since mother has been consequent, when one waits for except it, to any hour of the day or the night, she calls to us, to know as we are, to an answer and another question our similar, she always says equal, now I am better, far better fodder that envs to age, she must rejuvenecer. Then always it is every time better. Neither equal, nor worse. It is extremely ordinate, in our family sometimes our children ask to him conscientiously of her way of being closet orders his to him. In truth that is pleasant, putting its hand in it, seemed display cabinet of a luxury store. Each thing, each clothes besides being in its site shines like new doubles, them with such love, that it thus manages to heighten it to appreciate value and considers.