Dani Martin

The composition of the songs will begin in September, announced on his Twitter. The recording of the disc itself will be from July 2012. His band, El Canto del Loco, no longer so far to reunite for a new job. D ani Martin, vocalist of El Canto del Loco, has announced on Twitter that from September will begin to work on what will be his second solo album, whose recording sessions, he says, will begin in July 2012. In September I start composing until July of next year, which I’ll start recording my new album. So announcing Dani Martin in his Twitter account (@ _danielmartin_) first steps from their second album without his group’s lifetime.

After the break in which the members of El Canto del Loco entered 2010, Dani Martin released his debut solo album, small, a predominantly acoustic album. Small is a disk that has the rhythm that has to have, is composed in a very particular moment in my life and my truth was ESA, explained the singer in one of their following Tweets. But now again the cane! It will be a fun, positive drive and it will also be conceptual, added Dani Martin, whose intention is do many songs and choose brutal 11!. Source of the news: Dani Martin will release his second solo album, thus postponing the return of El Canto del Loco

Abandoned Clothing

HELENA CELDRN English photographer Jonathan Mist scans gloves, shoes, pants and sweatshirts abandonadaos in the field, the beach or train tracks. Foreign Bodies (foreign bodies) is an artistic project which brings together clothing forgotten or lost in public places. Scan items and organize them to reflect against the fashion throwaway, large-scale bombing of textile production vacuum boots orphan mud, white Sweatshirt attacked by verdin, glove desparejado with shavings of the remarkable grass is not clothes, abandoned to their fate in the most unusual places, but the way in which he is portrayed by Jonathan Mist, photographer and English artist who one day decided to collect shoes, t-shirts and jackets forgotten or discarded from the lives of their owners. Foreign Bodies (foreign bodies) treats the garments of unknown origin, now useless, as exquisite objects of study, cataloged and valuable. Mist the scans as if were specimens of Museum, as do the history Natural of London with protected species. A project associated with the death of the fotogarfo produced you melancholy garments: there, dead, became poetry.

They had lost their function, they were redundant and obsolete. He collected samples with care not to alter any important detail. The name of the project refers to the combination of observing something as normal as a slipper or a pant in a scene between autochthonous and foreign. Mist uses the word bodies for rrirse garments as emotional response to the feeling that have left them perish there. The project is associated with death and wanted the title to reflect sadness. He began collecting clothes in his walks through the countryside, on the outskirts of Dorser, Hampshire, Wiltshire, in the South of England.

Discover a new piece to be able to catalog was the most exciting part of the job: leaving without knowing with what you are returning. He soon extended his search for beaches, industrial parks, car parks, train tracks wanted the Viewer to observe how fabrics are metamorfoseaban when they lost their original function. The project is also a reflection on fashion throwaway, vacuum the bombing of clothing production on a large scale. Then he was not photographing them, but it got them on a scanner. The clothing against the glass creates a ring of light as in forensic photography. No previews or viewers the outcome is the result of spontaneity. There are lots of textures and colors that are not appreciated at first glance, but it is amplified in the screen of a computer. Jonathan Mist was gathering its foreign body from May 2009 until 2010, but seems not convinced after finishing with him. The project could continue forever, says opening a door to a second round. White heel shoe and glove fielder appear floating in the digital darkness, transformed, with muted colors that gave them the weather conditions and vegetation. What was trash emerged as something beautiful, something dear and worthy of being observed carefully. Source of the news: the coroner of abandoned clothing

Alonso Manages

EP Vettel sentence title and could become champion in the next race. Alonso starred in a spectacular exit; ultimately, third. Alguersuari, seventh, achieved the best position of his career. So live the GP of Italy live: statistics. The German pilot of Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel, has achieved a new victory dominating from start to finish, and eight in the season, the Grand Prize of Italy held at the Monza circuit, where has been accompanied on the podium by Jenson Button (McLaren) English and Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) will be. Absence of six races to the end of the World Cup, Vettel has in Pocket their second consecutive winding in a season that is dominating without palliative. The Red Bull Driver boasts 112 points over Alonso, who has perched himself to second place after the abandonment of Mark Webber (Red Bull) in the Italian layout.

Very beginning, a great start from Alonso allowed him put first, ahead of Vettel holding him to the exit of the safety car by an accident between several cars in which Petrov, Liuzzi, D Ambrossio and Rosberg had to leave. After leaving the safety car, V ettel attacking Alonso and ahead him, marching alone thanks to its greater pace per lap, while behind Hamilton had them is stiff with Michael Schumacher and failed to advance him, since the German had a single-seater with a great top speed on the straights. For his part, Webber had to leave after going straight in a curve having no spoiler front, being the first abandonment of a Red Bull this season, single-seater which so far had been unstoppable. Alguersuari, seventh race was dominated at all times by the German’s Red Bull, which already look at winning the title, achievement that can get in the next race in Singapore, while the fight was the second position between Alonso and Jenson Button (McLaren), who could overtake the Spaniard, who with hard wheels lost traction in his car after the second pit stop and had trouble you getting good rhythms per lap. In the last part of the Grand Prix, with a great Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) in the seventh position, the best of his career, Button is escaping from Alonso and behind approached him much the other Briton, Lewis Hamilton, cutting time at every turn. Finally, hold the pulse to the British in the last two laps, where the McLaren was an extension of the Ferrari and Vettel went out satisfied a career too quiet for him, where no one was able to discuss the superiority in the track and where, once on the podium, could see you Alonso excited by knowing that practically the title is in your pocket. Very surprising was the ninth position of the Brazilian Bruno Senna (Renault), who got the first point for the Senna family name since the time of Ayrton, and the eighth place of the British Paul di Resta (Force India), pilot who is shown as the true revelation of the Championship. Source of the news: wanders at Monza Vettel and Alonso manages to climb to the podium

General Society

The General Society of authors and editors EFE conducts rigorous savings plan. Another cost-saving measure is the Elimination of subsidiaries, as sDae or Latino Portal, which accounted for annual losses exceeding EUR 1 million. It will lease recording of Fundacion Autor and SGAE in Madrid. The General Society of authors and editors (SGAE), within the framework of a rigorous savings plan, has decided to lower the salaries and allowances of managers and executives who make up its governing bodies, will close its offices in Shanghai and New York, and will sell its theaters in Argentina and Mexico. As reported Thursday by the SGAE, diets that are members of its Board of Directors, of the Board of Directors and of committees and working groups will be reduced by 10%.

In addition, the salaries of its executive staff lower up to 8%, measured to be completed with the removal of their travel expenses. The Board of Directors of the SGAE, which Anton Reixa, presides over has decided to start a savings plan rigorous after lowering running costs of the entity this year ten million euros, from 68 to 58. Moreover, the objective set by Reixa team to 2013 budget is further lowered that figure to reach 50 million euros. With the optimization of expenditure and efficiency in service as main objectives, the governing bodies of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) have undertaken, in its first six months of the mandate, change in philosophy that governed the management body, stands out in a statement of the entity. The substantive reduction in the costs of functioning of society is the result, insists, the adoption of a series of measures which include the reduction of allowances and wages. Other cost-saving measures seek to reduce representation costs and the decrease of the costs of external services, to which must be added the Elimination of subsidiaries, as sDae, La Central Digital or Latino Portal, that they accounted for losses exceeding one million euros annually.