The current social and economic structure would be unsustainable if there are banks. And with this we are not saying which are the best choice or that there is another possibility. We simply note that given the current state of things are essential. Another issue is whether they should exist, but that is not the reason for our article. In fact, our intention is another. Taking into account the above, we can not move us without credit card, without offices banking, without accounts online do know what are the best banks? So we must respond to two different questions, although entroncadas in the same: which Bank do we want? If, on the one hand, we simply want the economic interest, the chrematistic benefit that can offer us the current offer, basically we have to look at the amount of money we have and the kind of interest that each bank offers for that quantity. Which give us more money will simply be which interests us.

But, although perhaps someone believe it or not, there is another form of scoring to our Bank. Agree that we all want to get the highest economic performance but might not want it to do at any price. May not want the financing of companies that manufacture weapons, for example with our money (which we have in x Bank). If the latter is our case, we have to supervise our banks. Find information about where you invest (there are NGOs that are devoted to it) and act accordingly. And is that the best Bank does not have to be the one offering more money. The banks return to give mortgages for 100% of the floor

Earn Money Surveys

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El Guarani

At present nearly two million children, youth and adults studying Guarani, of the nearly six million which we are according to the last census. Despite the tremendous discussion that accompanies the implementation of the Guarani in education – what we believe is healthy and it should be normal – in reference to the contents, methodology and evaluation; in the background, all – with sporadic exceptions – are committed to the presence of the Guarani in the educational system. Guarani came also to universities. Today the student of medicine or journalism teaching or agricultural sciences or the future lawyer, etc. knows that it may not survive in the Paraguay if not speak Guarani. 4 ) El Guarani has a greater presence in the mass media. In this regard we note that there are numerous media (especially radio) companies, that have spaces for Guarani. There are also numerous commercials in Guarani.

Journalists who recognize the Guarani as a useful and indispensable working tool are also numerous. Moreover, lately, the Paraguayan Chamber of advertisers (CAP) asked national authorities that labelling of products of the Mercosur is also done in Guarani. 5 ) Permanent book publishing. This is another interesting aspect that we approaching new circumstance which plays live Guarani; Indeed, not goes a month without publish one or more books, magazines and other printed materials about the Guarani or Guarani – included in the latter group a new newspaper in Guarani: Ara. We all know that literature enhances the vitality of languages. 4. The Argentine situation in the Argentina always existed a positive awareness towards the Guarani in the Proviencias of the North, such as Corrientes, Formosa, Misiones, Chaco, resistance, Parana, Salta and others. A valuable sample constitutes today the province of Corrientes, which in late 2005 declared Guarani as official language along with Spanish. This achievement was due to the persistent campaign developed by Congressman Walter Insaurralde.


Communication with children can be a difficult task. Parents often complain that their children do not pay attention to them or do not listen to them when they talk about them.However, these same criticisms are that many children do their parents.Listening and communication skills are essential for successful parenting.Children and adolescents should know that their parents valued their feelings, ideas and opinions, which should make sure that you spend the necessary time to sit and listen to what children have to say openly. It seems that parents have the natural tendency to react automatically to the demands of the children instead of taking the time to respond. Many parents simply act based on their own feelings and personal experiences, making superfluous judgments about what the child says or does. However, active listening requires that before answering, parents show are receptive to the feelings and emotions of his son, allowing express themselves honestly, and openly without fear to the impact that may have their conduct.To react automatically, parents send the message that the feelings and views of the child are not valid.But answering and asking questions about why the child feels that way, opens a dialog which allows them to discuss their feelings openly, and facilitates a better understanding of what the child is living.In this way, parents have the opportunity to find a solution or devise a plan of action with the help of his son, arriving at an effective solution that perhaps would not have been possible without the help of this. It is crucial in these situations attention throughout the son, making sure to look him in the eye. For this purpose, it is necessary to sit down and talk to him instead of doing it while you read the newspaper or washing dishes. Try to stay calm, ask questions that reveal the problem thoroughly, and after having asked the child how he or she would solve the problem, consider possible solutions from the own point of view.

No tatar prevent the child may feel upset, angry or frustrated. Instinctively, you can say or do something to direct the child’s attention to another matter, but this can be somewhat detrimental. Like parents, children have feelings and experiencing difficult situations, which will continue to face in their lives as adults.To listen actively the problems posed by the children, we demonstrate that we care, that we want to help and we have similar experiences to offer them so that they can take advantage of them.