Libyan Romans

It advanced! ahead! they vociferated centuriones and optiones with as much determination that made vibrate to the complete Earth. The roar of each step, of each legionary, was a passage towards the victory. The shouts of battle, the sweat and the guide of the standards raised towards the sky, inflated the Roman spirits towards an uncontrollable ecstasy military and destruction, the Mars children. Third felt that energy it elevated and it. It happened of the impotence and Roman tears, to feel to be able and the fervor of the blood to conquer the world. Eternal Rome, thought Third. Those words acquired sense with each Carthaginian clipped, crumbling before a Rome that prevailed before the time and the space, like an own prophecy of the Gods of the new world.

The Carthaginian line staggered more and more before the force of the destiny of the universe, backing down towards its violent destruction. It was as much the push that the enemy line was dissuaded in its center, forming one medialuna. Everything indicated that the Romans would cross the enemy rows, thus managing to disperse to them and to reach the longed for victory. Then, the world was put of head, return for the Romans. Without detecting the most mini signal, the Roman forces, his enormous mass of iron and will, one was flanked by the forces of Anbal, the Libyan lanceros, ready to destroy everything to his step. Third could not understand in what moment they neglected, ignoring the crease of the allied cavalry of the left wing, the advance of the lanceros and the worse thing of everything, the curvature of of the Carthaginian rows of the front, the one that began to obstruct the Romans.

A plan was all this of Anbal? The Romans began to worry when seeing their exhibited flanks, thus losing their confidence and vigor, whereas the enemy prevailed. The reality of the battle began to would transform into a great lie. Doubt does not fit, Anbal planned everything. That miserable bastard, through this surprise tactical movement gestured his magnanimous deceit: stupid Romans, fell in my trap. How dares Anbal to turn aside the course of history? How one dares to rewrite in the Earth the divine destiny of the sentenced Roman town in the sky?