Abandoned Clothing

HELENA CELDRN English photographer Jonathan Mist scans gloves, shoes, pants and sweatshirts abandonadaos in the field, the beach or train tracks. Foreign Bodies (foreign bodies) is an artistic project which brings together clothing forgotten or lost in public places. Scan items and organize them to reflect against the fashion throwaway, large-scale bombing of textile production vacuum boots orphan mud, white Sweatshirt attacked by verdin, glove desparejado with shavings of the remarkable grass is not clothes, abandoned to their fate in the most unusual places, but the way in which he is portrayed by Jonathan Mist, photographer and English artist who one day decided to collect shoes, t-shirts and jackets forgotten or discarded from the lives of their owners. Foreign Bodies (foreign bodies) treats the garments of unknown origin, now useless, as exquisite objects of study, cataloged and valuable. Mist the scans as if were specimens of Museum, as do the history Natural of London with protected species. A project associated with the death of the fotogarfo produced you melancholy garments: there, dead, became poetry.

They had lost their function, they were redundant and obsolete. He collected samples with care not to alter any important detail. The name of the project refers to the combination of observing something as normal as a slipper or a pant in a scene between autochthonous and foreign. Mist uses the word bodies for rrirse garments as emotional response to the feeling that have left them perish there. The project is associated with death and wanted the title to reflect sadness. He began collecting clothes in his walks through the countryside, on the outskirts of Dorser, Hampshire, Wiltshire, in the South of England.

Discover a new piece to be able to catalog was the most exciting part of the job: leaving without knowing with what you are returning. He soon extended his search for beaches, industrial parks, car parks, train tracks wanted the Viewer to observe how fabrics are metamorfoseaban when they lost their original function. The project is also a reflection on fashion throwaway, vacuum the bombing of clothing production on a large scale. Then he was not photographing them, but it got them on a scanner. The clothing against the glass creates a ring of light as in forensic photography. No previews or viewers the outcome is the result of spontaneity. There are lots of textures and colors that are not appreciated at first glance, but it is amplified in the screen of a computer. Jonathan Mist was gathering its foreign body from May 2009 until 2010, but seems not convinced after finishing with him. The project could continue forever, says opening a door to a second round. White heel shoe and glove fielder appear floating in the digital darkness, transformed, with muted colors that gave them the weather conditions and vegetation. What was trash emerged as something beautiful, something dear and worthy of being observed carefully. Source of the news: the coroner of abandoned clothing

Harmonious Society

Achievable ideal harmonious society the Kabbalists have been describing a top social reality, through all generations. Baal HSulam, in turn, explains how to achieve this in our generation. * Rav Dr. Michael Laitman have been wandering through the desert together with all mankind, and now we have found a great treasure, which abounds with all the best therefore, we prepare this Shofar (Horn of a RAM, in Hebrew) with the purpose of trompeter strong, if our brothers listen and become happy, (Baal HSulam, writings of the last generation). We all know the adventure films in which the hero discovers a mysterious map and goes together with a group of courageous individuals looking for a magic treasure. In general, from a journey long and risky, full of experiences, they do find the coveted treasure.

Treasures that we tend to imagine are normally ingots of gold and precious jewels, but not all the treasures in life are made of gold, there are treasures in our lives that have even a superior value. Suppose you wake up tomorrow morning, without any concern, surrounded by limitless abundance, or having ceased to worry about the future of your children, their health and livelihoods, or how they will manage in school and work. Imagine you get up one morning without having to hear in the news about the latest terrorist act, or the last Unfortunately ecological in any part of the world. Imagine the feeling you had if you knew that thousands of friends support you and worry about your good, in the same way that a mother is dedicated to their children. Sounds a bit like a surreal dream? Therefore, do not necessarily wear prior to a full reality is that the great Kabbalists have described this kind of ideal, for many generations. The prophets also spoke about what he calls the final days (of the future) and developed picturesque stories in this regard.

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Duarte Jnior

In accordance with the authors, ' ' encarnada' ' he would be in the direction of relations learned corporally, significantly, based in sensitivity, the abilities, in the perceptions, relations these that would lead to one ' ' education of ateno' ' in which the man develops the sensible belonging to the world, exceeding the conception of world as mere material substratum for its existence. Similar reflection is made for Duarte Jnior (1983) to speech on ' ' learning significativa' ' , that is, that it produces some direction for the individual. In accordance with the author the one if discovery process through three mechanisms: significao (the interest), the memory (retention of the meanings/values) and the transference (to interpret and to act). Based in this perspective of knowledge and the art as a form to construct it, the author calls attention for the importance the aesthetic dimension of the education which takes the individual to create the directions and values that base its action on the environment in order to eliminate the dichotomy between speech and thinking, between thinking and acting, feeling and acting (p.18). With this, educating develop its significadora activity, extending the knowledge the areas that the intellectual symbolism does not reach. In this Duarte direction Jnior (2006) it considers ' ' education of sensvel' ': The education of the sensible nothing more means of what directing ours attention of educators that one to know first that it came being systematically neglected for the intelectivo knowledge, not only in the interior of the schools but still and mainly in the familiar scope of our daily life. To develop and to refine the directions, here it is the task, in such a way more urgent the more the world contemporary seems to dive in a crisis without precedents in the history of the humanity (p.14). The importance of the education of the sensible one also is detached by Steiner (1995, grifos of the author): ' ' education must leave of certain artistic formularization so that the total human being is solicitado' '.


Night macabra – Chapter 1 – a stranger the day was 6 of December of 1954 and I would go the party of anniversary of one of my friends. In the way until its house I lost myself and decided to ask for an information to some stranger who was that way. A high, lean boy, dress of black color and with melancholic appearance were stopped in the next esquina, although to find it a little strange and to be a little distrustful of speaking to it, he did not remain me another option, the street was empty and I already was from fear to pass the night rambling for the city, then breathed deep and were until it. It seemed not to perceive that I came close myself, until probably he heard my steps and if he capsized to look at. I did not obtain to wait that it said any thing and quickly spoke: – Can give to me an information? I am lost and I need to arrive in the avenue of the flowers. He knows you where is the address? Looked at it me as he analyzed if me for a time and later still me looking at it said: – Yes, I know where he is, but find that already this very late a senhorita to walk for there alone, if me to leave I I can follow it. I was aflita with the proposal, but what it had spoken did not leave to have reason, I thought with same me that it would not have danger to leave that folloied it me and that I age a silly one that only was with distrust for its exotic appearance, accepted at last. In the first minute we are walking in silence, until it at last spoke: – Avenue of the flowers? I already stow for there, I am not complicated to arrive.