Know Delegate Management

Life is measured by the time that steal your breath away. Knowing how to delegate is determinant for achievements, of decisions that favor the performance of management functions and defined goals to be achieved. Enterprises today require managers to know delegate, properly use the potential of their human resources. Unfortunately, many managers, chiefs, who can’t delegate, do it in a wrong way and many times there is absence of this when more it is required. What is the reason? Where are the problems? That should be considered? If you would like to delegate? What your scope, benefits? These are some questions that need to be considered. Definitely, given the characteristics of the current scenarios, companies require proactive, participatory, managers know integrate properly with your human resource, that recovered his talent to collaborate, take parts in make them decisions, that aviven their trust and security in its performance, to make proposals, suggestions, solve problems. A good Manager is fully identified with the reach and impact of the delegation, knows what they have to delegate, achieving with this and has intensely evaluated what it originates for results, as well as the actors involved, their skills, abilities, skills, knowledge.

It measures the effects which the delegation may propitiate, obstacles that may arise. on the subject says that it should not be forgotten, not delegated tasks become the anesthetic that makes us forget this vital need. Our days companies require a maximum of imagination and boldness of their drivers, you need to have the free mind to re – think and re-recrear the company every day. However the delegation offers many practical difficulties even for those who are absolutely convinced of its necessity. Basically it is the fear of losing control. As says Bedoyere Quentin: stored guidelines pertaining to the loss of the control and preference that people have their own ideas for the delegation makes excitingly difficult.

International Bookstore

27 edition of the Hall the International the Cmic of Barcelona arrives filled with new features. During 4 days, the 29 of May to the 1 of June inclusively, the fans to cmic will be able to enjoy than 17,000 meters squared more of exhibitions and activities related to their favorite fiction personages. The appointment will take place in Palace 8 of the Fair of Barcelona in Montjuc and the daily entrance will cost 6 Euros (4 Euros for the holders of the young card). In addition, the fans of cmic will have the opportunity to take a memory to house of so special event, since comic by each entrance given in stand of FICOMIC will be donated free. Between the new features of this edition a new category in the prizes of the contest, the Prize to the Bookstore Specialized in Cmic is gotten up, that recognizes the work and implication of the establishments in the diffusion and the promotion of cmic.

The winning lucky person will count on stand of 12 meters squared for 28 edition of the international hall comic in 2010. Other prizes include categories as Better Work of 2008, Better Script of 2008, or Better Drawing of the 2008. Like in past editions, they would be carried out a great number of factories between which they emphasize skillful classes given by recognized authors, round conferences and tables, and of as much new presentations cmics and comic strips like of videojuegos. The Hall the International the Cmic will count on exhibitions of classic like Batman in Barcelona, mutant Children of Sanildefonso and Esther and its worlds, among others, although the true protagonist of this edition will be Electronic Calico. Fans of Calico will have the opportunity to see an unpublished episode and to participate in a gincana to commemorate 5 birthday of the personage. Smallest also they will have its space next to personages so loved as Shinchan and Doraemon. The children and children will be able to know their favorite personages and to dance with them, as well as to participate in factories of painting and maquillaje, with prizes including. If you are enthusiastic of cmic you cannot perderte this unique encounter of cmic in 2009. LateRooms animates to participate to you in the event and it offers the best supplies to you of hotels in Barcelona as the Hotel Great Round from 80.25 the double room and Borrell Zenith from 70 the double room.

Alonso Manages

EP Vettel sentence title and could become champion in the next race. Alonso starred in a spectacular exit; ultimately, third. Alguersuari, seventh, achieved the best position of his career. So live the GP of Italy live: statistics. The German pilot of Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel, has achieved a new victory dominating from start to finish, and eight in the season, the Grand Prize of Italy held at the Monza circuit, where has been accompanied on the podium by Jenson Button (McLaren) English and Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) will be. Absence of six races to the end of the World Cup, Vettel has in Pocket their second consecutive winding in a season that is dominating without palliative. The Red Bull Driver boasts 112 points over Alonso, who has perched himself to second place after the abandonment of Mark Webber (Red Bull) in the Italian layout.

Very beginning, a great start from Alonso allowed him put first, ahead of Vettel holding him to the exit of the safety car by an accident between several cars in which Petrov, Liuzzi, D Ambrossio and Rosberg had to leave. After leaving the safety car, V ettel attacking Alonso and ahead him, marching alone thanks to its greater pace per lap, while behind Hamilton had them is stiff with Michael Schumacher and failed to advance him, since the German had a single-seater with a great top speed on the straights. For his part, Webber had to leave after going straight in a curve having no spoiler front, being the first abandonment of a Red Bull this season, single-seater which so far had been unstoppable. Alguersuari, seventh race was dominated at all times by the German’s Red Bull, which already look at winning the title, achievement that can get in the next race in Singapore, while the fight was the second position between Alonso and Jenson Button (McLaren), who could overtake the Spaniard, who with hard wheels lost traction in his car after the second pit stop and had trouble you getting good rhythms per lap. In the last part of the Grand Prix, with a great Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) in the seventh position, the best of his career, Button is escaping from Alonso and behind approached him much the other Briton, Lewis Hamilton, cutting time at every turn. Finally, hold the pulse to the British in the last two laps, where the McLaren was an extension of the Ferrari and Vettel went out satisfied a career too quiet for him, where no one was able to discuss the superiority in the track and where, once on the podium, could see you Alonso excited by knowing that practically the title is in your pocket. Very surprising was the ninth position of the Brazilian Bruno Senna (Renault), who got the first point for the Senna family name since the time of Ayrton, and the eighth place of the British Paul di Resta (Force India), pilot who is shown as the true revelation of the Championship. Source of the news: wanders at Monza Vettel and Alonso manages to climb to the podium