The Right Future

Recently, I had conscience of the meaning of the phrase: ' ' The future alone the God pertence' '. It had never thought well about the meaning of this phrase, until has well little time, days until But a little in the spheres come back behind of the time to understand the reason of this reflection concerning the phrase: ' ' The future alone the God pertence' '. Everything started basically when I got passionate myself I decided and me to fight for the person whom it loved, was determined to conquer it and for such it wanted to know it deeply, to understand it, I hug to be it tranquilizava that it and gave security guard to it, to be the handkerchief that cleaned it the tears of its eyes, at last Then, I started to study it through the Astrology. The love has of these things, makes to commit us short while fantasistas acts and to see who we love with eyeglasses of lenses rose. It could give to me for worse, not? However, I did not obtain ' ' to take the water to mine moinho' ' , that is, to reach my objectives in the way that I wanted, for what I did not obtain to conquer its heart affectively. It was a difficult bit to accept that this battle did not go to be successful and not even had hope to gain the war. But it is thus life, it did not have another alternative and I accepted the loss. Today I understand that we were not destined one for the other and we are only good friends. This experience of the first love was very rewarding, although to have been painful at the moment of the esquecimento, however it opened me doors and windows that were closed have very, but that I needed to open and to venture me in a new world: the espiritualidade and, the astrology was the key to start a new life.