Max Remote Management

But not only customer server, but also the bandwidth utilization, the ISP connections, branches, RAID arrays and of course the website of the customer can reside in this way 24 hours a day at a glance. GFI MAX is a great advantage for the managed services provider the option of real-time alert via SMS, email or mobile application. This space can be E.g. missing locate as well as a missing update of virus programs and promptly take the appropriate countermeasures in the way. The remote management program also allows automation of routine tasks, so that independently run time-consuming checks of file sizes, event logs, disk space, etc.. Thanks to this independent work, a great deal of time savings can be generated. In short, with the GFI MAX Remote Management, a holistic IT support is possible.

Time savings through the GFI Max Remote Management despite the previously outlined many of functional ways is the GFI Max package absolutely user-friendly designed and operate normally after about 10 minutes. Interested providers of managed services and IT service provider can try first the software free of charge for a period of 4 weeks during a test account. In conjunction with a such test-account numerous seminars, webinars and white papers offers the customer acmeo, with which the functions and possibilities of GFI MAX remote management thoroughly and practical explains. For many service providers also have the option of the so-called total system branding “at GFI MAX interesting will can be contacted on to the customer with a remote-management solution for the required services. “24 Hour monitoring with real-time alerts via email, SMS or app automatic reports (daily, weekly, or monthly) inventory tracking of hardware and software own branding of the software by total system branding” possible rapid establishment of a customer portal on any Web page