Totalitarian State

Robert Ramalho Ramalho is Lawyer, Pblicas Relations and Jornalista.A attempt of the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic to fit the military revoking the Law of the Amnesty is inconceivable. When signing a decree that makes possible the punishment of military who had participated of tortures are unacceptable. We cannot come back to the past. The thought inside of caserna now is another one. All know that it is the optimum Democratic system for our people and that one that of the chances for all.

Completely the Institute of the Brazilian Lawyers are maken a mistake and the Advice of the Bar Association of the Brasil.A amnesty buried any attempt of opening of processes against that either, either to militate or guerrilla or terrorist of left. The amnesty law finished of time with this. We go to live the gift and not passed it. It is evident that the military dictatorship was a regimen cruel politician. that the Democratic State of Right was a sweated and suffered conquest and our Constitution is there for correcting this everything. But particularly I am against any attempt of punishment to the military. The left combatants also are not saints.

They had killed, they kidnapped and they stolen. Everything this on behalf of an existing Totalitarian State that was the Union Sovitica.Se Jango had if submitted to the interests of the Soviets and the Russians with certainty the country it could be a Soviet satellite. Of this form we never would have thought and liberty of speech politician. I also agree to those that had repudiated the military blow of 1964. But it was necessary. What I do not agree is with the establishment of the Institucional Act n 5 and with the too much acts that had come later. After the blow it was necessary that the Military Regimen still restored the democracy in the decade of 60.

The Blouse – An Absolute Must-have

The classics and ALLROUNDER in the area of women’s fashion blouse is both classic and ALLROUNDER. An absolute must-have fits for the Lady in the Office, in the trouser suit and the costume as well as to skirt or jeans. Well combined with a Blazer and a matching scarf, so business is always appropriately dressed woman. Fine and noble materials used, such as for example silk and satin for evening blouses. These are according to fashion with sequins, beads, rhinestones or glitter occupied. For the daily variation is mostly cotton, polyester or even suede. There are embroidery, lace pattern and color prints as fashionable extra to find. Different cuts and colours bring the blouse and your winner always and everywhere in the right light.

It is available as shirt, node blouse or blouse body. She is also very popular as a tunic. Blouses are today not only buttoned, because designers have rediscovered the zippers, for the blouse. Thus, they have virtually reinvented the garment and made it essential for the fashion. In today’s Styles from the 70s and 80s are often fashion. Pointed collar, Dreiviertelarmel or a belt around the waist, all that happened there, and yet it is now back in fashion. Susanne Griesshammer


The benefits, if you want to change in the private health insurance who by the legal private health insurance want to switch to, who can do so only under very specific conditions. Basically, all workers are legally obliged. Only from annual income, which is located in the year 2009 48.600 euros, can be changed. Monthly you must earn more than 4050 euros gross. And then a change is also possible, exceeding three years in a row this limit. Two other occupational groups, who can choose whether they legally or privately want to make sure are the officials and the Freelancer, so the self-employed.

What kind of insurance for a now represents the most advantageous, that must bring a PKV comparison to the light of day. For, unlike statutory insurance, where the monthly fee varies according to the income, with the private health insurance contribution determined in accordance with several criteria: The age plays a role here, women pay in principle as the sex more than Men, the health and even the profession. It is not always said that a private health insurance scheme takes the insurance willing. She may also refuse him due to health problems. Or the post accordingly put upwards. Then well saved by the change, which expect out from case to case.

Now have no concerns but that he could find no insurance. It should be really so that all private insurance companies reject a recording, you can back still in the legal, which must establish a. Who is self-employed in the search for a cheap insurance, the good to go freelance in the search for private health insurance. He finds many vendors, who can make a comparison and non-binding offers.

Deposit Accounts

What is deposit accounts? Are these useful for all savers? Deposit accounts are an interesting alternative to conventional money market accounts or the popular savings account. The advantage of the fixed-term deposit account is a backup of the interest rate and the term, which means you can enjoy a fixed, non-variable interest rate over the period agreed in advance (30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 days or a longer period of time). The fixed deposit account interest rates are generally higher than in money market accounts, because the customer can not have the entire period his money. This form of investment is therefore not suited to the popularly known “nest egg”. Is also laid down in this form of investment typically a minimum investment amount, this is generally less than 10,000 euros, can exceed this sum but just from private banks, also.

Therefore, a careful Festgeldkontenvergleich should be performed at the selection in advance. For this, you can use various online platforms, offered the comparison of these accounts. In paragraphs investment term, interest rate, minimum deposit amount and deposit insurance, some providers differ considerably. The customer should consider in advance whether a fixed-term deposit account is equal to his investor profile or whether it rather creates his money on a high-interest free checking account or a tag account. You should do this especially if you would like to have the money even at short notice. The plant form of the fixed-term deposit account is very good interest to represent a risk for the investor.

This is because that the banks due to the fixed investment term planning security can enjoy. Nowadays, the range of deposit accounts is much lower than on money market accounts, because the banks adapted to the needs of their customers, who want to have more and more about their money freely and promptly. Conclusion: Before you decide on a provider for deposit accounts, you should look around carefully comparisons on a financial portal for fixed deposit account, to obtain the maximum amount of interest in the best conditions.

Vergleich Comparison

Tips when replacing motor insurance at the end of the year going gangbusters precisely at the turn of the year, the online comparison portal for insurance. The comparison of car insurance is particularly popular. A saving is for almost every car driver in there, sometimes several hundred euros”promotes the annual comparison of car insurance even Stiftung Warentest. In fact, the online comparison calculator frequently offer a good potential for savings in the area of motor insurance if the car was previously insured with an expensive company. Note, however, that an online Exchange can cause problems also.

Existing special classifications or inadvertently false information in the online comparison calculator can negatively in hindsight, such as a future significant price increase. Many comparison portals are not suitable for commercial vehicles. Depending on the comparison calculator, the results are not always clear and unambiguous: may determine the insurer in case of collision damage waiver claim the workshop itself, to what extent the insurer for gross negligence is, how strong you in a claim again promoted? The comparison portals to ensure transparency in the confusing. Not all portals can afford this. It is crucial that one finds a low-cost insurer, has a good overall package in terms of the conditions and the service in the event of damage. “Problematic: A best” comparison portal is there not at least in this year.

Different comparison calculator take into account different societies and tariffs. To find a best possible result, you would have to use therefore more than just a comparison program. Contact: Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal phone: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 car Vergleich.BASS contact for the press: Karsten Werksnies the Wuppertal-based company Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH provides independent and impartial information about various insurance products. Our goal is that our customers receive the most powerful insurance products at affordable prices. We would that our customers in the event of damage are satisfied with their insurance company. You need powerful rates from reliable insurance companies. At the same time you should but do not pay more for this protection as necessary. BASS-Makler.

Fund Flat

The flat rate tax coming. This article shows what this exactly means and you can benefit from as a saver. From 2009, the flat tax comes into force. Thus 25% will realised investment gains, interest and dividends tax lump-sum due. To come still 5.5% solidarity surcharge and any church. This enormous cut the withholding tax is probably one of the largest tax increases in recent years and reduced the planned returns of the pension usually by more than 25%.

As of 2009 it is therefore no matter how long one has to keep securities. Is the twelve-month period of speculation, as spending for the Save with a standard amount be lump-sum EUR 801 (if unmarried) capped. The background is that tax honesty and therefore the tax collection was more than sketchy in the profitable investment area. With the introduction of the flat tax as a flat tax the State accesses a level formerly directly and forestalls to 25%. Therefore eliminates the tax explanation for this Income. Therefore, only those benefit from the flat tax, which normally would have to pay more than the new withholding tax on your covered earnings so mostly rich people. For all those whose personal tax rate is below 25%, it is definitely financially poor.

How to benefit from tax depends on the personal tax rate. Poorer”will benefit from the flat tax, especially by the fact that they handle the new tax. Rich”win, however, they try to take advantage of the flat rate tax from 2009. Is the question, what the tax primarily attacks common to both? The withholding tax applies in particular shareholders. Who so on the stock exchange shares invested in and realized the value increases as gains, the flat tax will share the. In particular the time transition rules and deadlines are important. The flat tax meets all gains on shares you have purchased after January 1, 2009. For all shares purchased prior to January 1, 2009, it remains the previous scheme (grandfathering). To fund the scheme is unfortunately not so simple, because it depends of the investment priorities of the Fund, if and when the flat tax takes. Equity funds are regarded as a direct investment, so subject to distributed profits of the final withholding tax – if you invest after January 1, 2009 in the Fund. Otherwise, the “grandfathering” attacks again, so that the withholding tax does not apply, even if the Fund managers themselves internally switches the shares in the Fund. Therefore managed equity funds are active very very interesting, because these equity funds require little interaction and corrections on the part of the investor itself. This allows to crack down on the flat tax, even if you realize the gains much later than 2009. Due to a current opinion of the Government, this offence is no longer changed. Some advisers recommend preferable all Fund purchases – if necessary financed with the help of a loan. Considering the high risk of the last alternative is all the more the advantage of this form of investment clearer. Open-ended real estate funds are subject to the withholding tax also basically because their payments are considered income from capital assets.

Criticism Insurance

Industry experts see how of the tester critical Stiftung Warentest was founded in 1964 on the decision of the Federal Government, to provide consumers an independent institution for product and product testing with the target. “” Since 1991 there is test “also the consumer magazine” in addition to the magazine. In this, including financial and insurance products are checked with regard to their quality. So, the disability insurance was previously assessed by Stiftung Warentest in several tests. The last was however heavily criticized by security experts. Regular testing of occupational policies of the occupational disability insurance by Stiftung Warentest test should help consumers to find a powerful and cheap BU police, or to be able to assess existing policies in the market comparison.

After the last time a big test was performed in the year 2011, the tester in the July issue checked 2013 again 75 private Disability insurance. “This cut around three quarters of offers, a total of 58 policies, with the top grade very good” off. The testers of the Stiftung Warentest rated this as message positive for the consumer. Finally, this means that the quality of the offers would have improved noticeably. Test distributed to good grades other experts were however not with criticism coming. Therefore, only so good results were obtained, because in this case for the disability insurance Stiftung Warentest has taken into account to a few criteria for the test. So some have very good”exchanged rates on significant performance shortcomings.

Also people had been into a risk exposed occupation to, choose a shorter term of insurance to save costs. Thus, if the disability risk is particularly high, the insured but just shortly before the pension are no longer financially viable. Stiftung Warentest Although rejected the criticism on their test, but you should test results with caution enjoy. Review by independent security testing tests such as those by Stiftung Warentest can provide a good orientation in the confusing of the insurance. However, even a very good test is only partially meaningful. Because the reviews are made on the basis of sample customers. Their data differ greatly from the own living conditions, the winner may be little for your own situation. Consumers should trust therefore, when selecting a good disability insurance on a personal consultation.


To begin, take a red piece and put it in the field. If you win, increase your bet by one unit ($ 5). If you win again, the increase is for one unit again. So now you have $ 15 in the field. If you lose the bet is, rather than entering into a unit, so now is at $ 10. You are not doubling your bet on a victory, even if they arrive at a two or twelve. You go to a unit when you win and down one unit when you lose.

If you have $ 50 in the field and twelve (or two) hits and you win $ 100, only to increase your next bet of $ 5 to $ 55 and pocket rest. His goal of winning $ 150 means that the money in your pocket more money on the table. So if you started with $ 500 and now have a combined $ 150 in the table and the chips in your rack, then it is time to stop. If the shooter has successfully passed a series of non-field numbers, is limited in its losses, because they are decreasing your bet by one unit at a loss to zero. After you start betting one unit ($ 5) again. At zero, if you lose four bets in a row that is down from U.S. $ 20 (4 x $ 5). If you then win the next four bets in a row that rose to $ 50 ($ 5 + $ 10 + $ 15 + $ 20). Remember, you keep betting until you win or lose third of their in buying The most important part of this is to make sure your field bet is always “on” before leaving. Once the distributors say what you are doing, to help with this, but when you start betting, make sure you know that your bet is forever “.” You do not want to lose money even though he made the right bet!

Positive Before

All go through difficult times, we can not avoid it; However, must always mental tools at hand that allow us to cope with those moments in the best way possible, since another way could end up falling into despair and, in extreme cases, our desperation could lead to fatal consequence. As well as one need certain tools to fix a machine that breaks down, we need also certain tools to compose ourselves. Below I will share with you some basic tools so that we can learn to stay positive even in the moments of greatest adversity. Try and internalize them in the best possible way, then they will see that well worth a little effort. Keep us positive really is a kind of art that we must learn to handle. It may not at first be somewhat complicated, but with a little discipline, practice and perseverance, will be able to be really optimistic people, and, therefore, we will be able of stay positive even in the hardest moments of adversity.

Who not has spent that suddenly seems that there has been a strange conspiracy so that everything goes wrong? We lose the work, ensuing economic problems, we suffered a breakup, the betrayal of someone we loved much, we get sick or even suffer the irreparable loss of their loved ones. We are not free from this sort of thing; to succeed us they are part of life and sometime, it will sooner or later, we play live them; However, not we can let us defeat, since our mission in life is to be happy and, of course, can suffer slippages at certain times, but always must raise us and look forward. Although it sounds redundant or contradictory, the only battle that we can lose is that we are not willing to win. Everything depends on us. Well, saying this I offer the promised tools. .

Search Engines

Search engines have gone through some drastic changes in recent years not only by the technology that is making strides, but also by the various associations, i.e. between the companies that promote them, they have also experienced changes since each see more people need to work from home by Internet you today can choose among several search engineswhich are of excellent quality, then you supply a list of most popular search engines, which clearly recognize the key words (tags) that you put in them, which as we all know – will help you find potential customers for the product or service you offer. Yahoo has one of these search engines. Yahoo offers the main search results sites such as Alta Vista, and AllTheWeb, receives ads from Yahoo Search Marketing Marketing (formerly Overture). Another prized for their effectiveness is Google. Google provides search results from the its main engine to sites like AOL and Netscape.Google also provides paid listed at Lycos, Netscape, Ask, AOL listed supplies paid to Lycos, Ask, Netscape, AOL. Another, perhaps less well known, but great quality is Lycos. Lycos receives search results from the guide of DMOZ, the primary outcomes of ask, and Google Adwords payment listings, so note the convenience of using these search engines.

Another search to take into account engine is Hotbot. HotBot receives the results of the search of DMOZ, top Ask search results, guidance and paying, take the secondary results of Google Adwords. br is another important engine, although it is in Portuguese, can very easily translate it with an Internet as Google’s translator. It requests.

It receives secondary Teoma search results and the results of DMOZ Guide, with a list with a payment moderate Google AdWords. In relation to marketing, search engines can provide everything you want to know.If anyone is looking for something, usually goes to one of these search engines and gets the desired results. If you have a business where you need others to see your product or service, it will obviously be him very useful. To maintain a good position in search engines, you will be near the first to visitors looking for a particular product.You can make a lot of money with the search engines. Then I would like to suggest an excellent business with a site, which is visited by millions of people, like search engines, I am referring to facebook, most people used this important social network to make friends, I will teach you to use it to make money. Affiliate with facebook Marketing, is very profitable, facebook today, has a few 600.000.000 users, that gives you a lot of prospects than not It occurs at other sites, this is a site is safe because it pays really, I’d like to discover it in the link below. Something to keep in mind for this business, is that it is very easy to use, which means that you don’t have to be a master in computer science or marketing to win with this business. As proof of what you mention, is that you will receive an equal to my own blog. Another advantage is that many people, such time yourself, you know manage facebook, so it would not difficult to learn how to make it profitable. Discover how to make money with Facebook here: (if for some reason you do not open, copy it and paste it in the top address bar). If you visited this link, you may have noticed that it is an opportunity to not miss it. Original author and source of the article