We will use a small company called McDonald s. When Ray Kroc established McDonald s, he was not concerned about the food or its quality. It is not why people eat there. People eat at McDonald s by the predictable experience, speed and prices. What Ray perfected, and they sold to the owners of the franchise, was a system for consistently convert flesh into cash. After all, investors do not buy a franchise because they have a mission in life to serve tasty food. They are buying the business to make money, and Ray had perfected the system showing a product to the retail customers.

It is a fundamental concept that we need to understand from the outset. And what is a system anyway? Well reduced to its most basic element, a system is nothing more than a standardized set of tools and instructions. Your system can be anything if there is a common set of tools and instructions. Our job is to: promote a system distributors that sell the company’s products. Teach them (tu), leadership and marketing skills. To help our new become distributors in leaders. This will allow them to sell franchises more effectively to purchasers of franchises in the future (distributors).

Once you’ve developed or found at least five networkers leaders, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom. The biggest benefit that this industry provides, is not the money, time, and even friendships. It is what this industry can become the person that you return you all come to the table with the same tools, marketing materials and systems. You and the strengths you bring, are the only factor unknown in the equation. Choosing the right company with the right product and proper marketing system, it can help you reach your goal faster, but it will not determine your end result! My business took off when I decided to simply help others, although I do not knew it all. I was going to try to help as many people as he could. I stopped worrying about the plan of compensation, presentations and all that crap, that I think it is the key to why many people remain stagnant are focusing on things like tools, web sites and the compensation plan, always looking for something out of them that will bring them success too (bad behavior). But the desire to help people was not enough. I had to learn how to market to be able to introduce the message and that energy in the market. The intentions are useless without the ability to execute them. This business allows us to change and inspire thousands of people around the world. Your actions today will start a huge chain reaction of events that will tour the world for years, and you’ll never be able to see or understand the impact you will have in the next generations of people. Three years ago, a conversation with a friend who became my first sponsor in this industry, established in that afternoon a series of events in motion that have influenced and completely changed all the important decisions of my life since then. Think of this a simple call telephone put my whole life on a given road. A simple action is what started it all. This article that you’re reading today, is here because that friend made one call to one of your potential customers (I), three years ago. Your hold this power in your hands at this very moment. Very interesting, isn’t it? Original author and source of the article.