Liberalism Is Not Just Egoism

Are we not all a bit liberal? Who represents liberal views, comes again and again in the situation to have to justify and help against the accusation of anti-social and selfish thinking. It has the appearance that many people now negatively perceive the liberalism and almost regarded as an immoral disposition. When using the opportunities arising from it, but freedom and individual responsibility are to everyone’s advantage, and this fact cannot be deduced from the natural conditions. “The word originating from the Latin liberal” means the freedom relating or liberal. And we can find freedom as a fundamental right in almost every party program and in any democratic Constitution.

Mean, freedom is the absence of arbitrary constraints, which are subject to the will of another or others (Friedrich Hayek) and therefore the right, the ability and the commitment of the people to self-determination and to the expression of his free will; However, always against the background of existing physical, legal or economic restrictions. Individual freedom has its natural limits, in the Declaration of human and civil rights, which was created after the French Revolution of 1789, States in article 4: freedom is to do anything that does not harm another. Thus, the exercise of the natural rights of each man has only the borders which assure other members of society enjoy of the same rights. These limits can be set by law. “The main concern of liberalism is the free development of the individual in all areas of life. Individual freedom is the basic standard and basis of human society on the back of the State and its political and economic order to align are liberal opinion. Where the freedom of the individual is affected, the State violence has to end up she has to intervene only if the freedom of another individual is injured. The company and the State thus become guarantor of freedom and the reason – or Each individual human rights.