The Regulations

Wrong: The provisions in the regulations are regulations can and need therefore does not necessarily have to be applied. Properly: In the regulations are as well as mandatory regulations as also discretion rules. Duty: not review of the legal writing services in the other subjects. Discretion – or can rules give the school no freedom of choice, the requirement to apply or not, but only a discretion in the context of the listed conditions. Wrong: Medical reports are courtesy opinion. Correctly: In a medical expert opinion the following is checked: the extent of the partial output fault the individual expression of the partial output fault the General talent level physical, psychological, or psychosocial causes any consequential faults this comprehensive opinion can’t afford teachers. Only trained medical professionals are, how empowered child and adolescent psychiatrist or children’s and youth psychotherapists.

Incorrect: Despite medical expert opinion is a more testing required by educational psychologists or specialist. Right: Because a psychological burden, as well as an intervention in the personality rights represent any Diagnostics for the parties concerned, an additional testing for the child is not reasonable. Incorrect: After 2 years, a second medical opinion is necessary. Correct: There is no information to the validity period of a medical opinion in the regulations. Medically diagnosed partial output errors are permanent impairments. Should be in some cases that may have significantly improved problem or long behind the medical opinion an opinion again displayed. Wrong: Are not to take into account about the 6th grade reading spelling difficulties.

Correctly: in higher classes the derogations of regulations (section 2.3.2) apply also if there is a medically diagnosed reading legal writing disorder, or if there is a complex range of causes for a faulty script language. Incorrect: A consideration of reading legal writing difficulties in the higher classes is unfair to the other students. Correct: This is no betterment but ensures students with disabilities and special educational needs equal opportunities.