Zlia Cavalcanti Reality

Intention was to direct and to extend the look so that when I break up valuing it can be prepared to accept the set biggest, that is, the historical, an unknown place for many pupils and not pertaining building its reality. ' ' How I can to accept me and to respect me if I am imprisoned in mine to make (to know), because I did not learn one to make (to think) that my world allowed me to learn any other tasks when moving, if dumb my daily life? … ' ' (MATURANA, H., 1998. 31).? Reflecting on these affirmations, to stimulate the creative production, on the basis of stories of the daily one, either this reality, field, city, beach, without denying its origins, day-by-day of the express child through the creative process will only be able to contribute for the formation of a subject citizen. Leaving of it I break up house/quarter that is something next to the student, the knowledge it personal patrimony, it its daily one, for then explaining what it is patrimony. The action of making, drawing, painting or which is used technique to stimulate the interest, comes to contribute for the success or the failure of the workshop, because of this it is necessary a comment and a dialogue with the direction of the school and the group to recognize the process most adequate to the reality of being educated. According to Zlia Cavalcanti, through the interaction with informers and information of the way, its to make artistic is mentally ill of the cultural production, what it finishes for empobrecer the development of the individual. From these information, carefully we explore the use of the abilities of each one, respecting the individual culture, because we perceive that in each group, the manifestation of small proper social groups with identification, singular habits exists and customs.