Nelly Klein

Dreams that each one has are unlimited, as they are the possibilities, when you dream, you have constancy, illusion, objectives, willingness, faith. Among those who named the Torah we find some who possessed certain disabilities: Yitzhak was blind, Moshe stuttered, Jacob was crippled, and succeeded in many important things. Never were less by their disabilities. Instead of sticking with the thought of what would happen if I can’t get it, they focused on what they knew that it could be achieved. With optimism, realism, persistence, objectively focused on its possibilities and above all their faith in Hashem. Special mothers of these children turn out to be people with great sensitivity, able to connect with their children at a level that few we were able to, they are the engines that activate the full potential that possess inside each one of these children, managing to bring out the best of their children and the best that each one possesses within if. Once I read that Di-os decided to send very special angels to Earth to help human beings to improve, in each sent angel had a learning and a message for each of us acercaramos to those special beings and learn of his joy, his laughter, his ingenuity, skills and assimilate that rather than distance ourselves from these special creatures for fear that something bad us stickingdetect that special message to Di-I hoped that we descifremos in each one of them and help them to give them the necessary tools to be able to lead their lives and continue to be inspiration for many limitations, especially in our minds, we have to believe that not We can achieve our dreams and to support all those who have the right to be different and which also seek to be happy, and make their dreams come true. Nelly Klein bibliography kaufman: wikipedia Aish Latino original author and source of the article.