Management And Efficiency

MANAGEMENT and efficiency Carlos Mora Vanegas undertakings given to determining characteristics that are manifested in the economic scenarios where competitiveness plays a very important role, require a good management, in addition to being backed up with modern knowledge of administrative science, experience, guaranteeing with its efficiency, results that allow to achieve its objectives, especially for the Venezuelan case in a scenario which is turbulentrisky, uncertain, but which present opportunities that must be seized. Wikipedia reminds us, that the word efficiency comes from the latin efficientia which in Spanish means action, force production. Efficiency has several meanings: in economy, efficiency is relationship between the results obtained (earnings, project goals, products, etc.) and resources used (man-hours invested capital, raw materials, etc.): rational use of the means available to achieve a predetermined goal; is the requirement to avoid or cancel re-presented and errors. Capacity to achieve the objectives and goals set with the minimum of resources and time, achieving its optimization. In physics, a process or a device efficiency is the ratio of useful energy and the inverted power. The definition is: irrigation efficiency: percentage of the volume of water derived in an irrigation system in relation to the volume of water actually used by plants.

In an interesting writing on this topic of Alexis Codina in an article published in, makes reference, which must be well clear the difference between efficacy and efficiency in this regard indicates efficiency is doing more of the same, but cheaper; While efficiency requires making new things that generate value. Efficiency requires good administration; effectiveness, leadership, and creativity. Efficiency working with paradigms and known paths. Effectiveness requires a break with old paradigms thought, wondering what We have been doing, find new paths. But this is not easy. Creativity specialists emphasize that all the education we received since we are born, intends to teach us to think, but in a rational way, i.e., sequential, logical, organized.