Energy Management

Work for the implementation of methods of management of water and energy, such as rainwater harvesting and renewable energy community models. Fight against the consumerist model and develop campaigns against intensive products consumption in energy. Continue discussing and collectively building the principles and guidelines of an energy model and the management of water, based on environmental responsibility and at the service of peoples. Intensify exchanges between activists and movements working on dams, water, energy, environmental and climate; justice including reciprocal visits with Exchange of affected people from different countries. Strengthen our movements linking them with others who struggle against the neo-liberal development model, and by a global ecological and social justice. Celebrate each year the day of action against dams and for rivers, water and life (March 14).

In addition to directly express solidarity with the threat of the El Zapotillo in Temacapulin dam, they recalled that the villages affected in many parts are forced to fight to not be annihilated physically and culturally. Coastal, rural and urban communities see dams destroy livelihoods and their modes. Also that women suffer even more dramatically the ruptures of community and family life resulting from the construction of dams. In many parts, they are discriminated against in the resettlement and repair processes. In addition, the concentration of thousands of workers during the construction phase many times accompanied by of prostitution, epidemics and deterioration of the education and health services affecting the lives of women in a very direct and immediate way.

And that young people, elderly and elderly women are also particularly vulnerable to the economic, social and cultural transformations caused by the dams. And, finally, that privatization processes driven by the IMF and the World Bank in the 1990s transformed energy production and water into a large business. Corporations make exorbitant profits in the construction of dams, in the agro-negocio, in the hydro-business and mining.