The benefits, if you want to change in the private health insurance who by the legal private health insurance want to switch to, who can do so only under very specific conditions. Basically, all workers are legally obliged. Only from annual income, which is located in the year 2009 48.600 euros, can be changed. Monthly you must earn more than 4050 euros gross. And then a change is also possible, exceeding three years in a row this limit. Two other occupational groups, who can choose whether they legally or privately want to make sure are the officials and the Freelancer, so the self-employed.

What kind of insurance for a now represents the most advantageous, that must bring a PKV comparison to the light of day. For, unlike statutory insurance, where the monthly fee varies according to the income, with the private health insurance contribution determined in accordance with several criteria: The age plays a role here, women pay in principle as the sex more than Men, the health and even the profession. It is not always said that a private health insurance scheme takes the insurance willing. She may also refuse him due to health problems. Or the post accordingly put upwards. Then well saved by the change, which expect out from case to case.

Now have no concerns but that he could find no insurance. It should be really so that all private insurance companies reject a recording, you can back still in the legal, which must establish a. Who is self-employed in the search for a cheap insurance, the good to go freelance in the search for private health insurance. He finds many vendors, who can make a comparison and non-binding offers.