Deposit Accounts

What is deposit accounts? Are these useful for all savers? Deposit accounts are an interesting alternative to conventional money market accounts or the popular savings account. The advantage of the fixed-term deposit account is a backup of the interest rate and the term, which means you can enjoy a fixed, non-variable interest rate over the period agreed in advance (30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 days or a longer period of time). The fixed deposit account interest rates are generally higher than in money market accounts, because the customer can not have the entire period his money. This form of investment is therefore not suited to the popularly known “nest egg”. Is also laid down in this form of investment typically a minimum investment amount, this is generally less than 10,000 euros, can exceed this sum but just from private banks, also.

Therefore, a careful Festgeldkontenvergleich should be performed at the selection in advance. For this, you can use various online platforms, offered the comparison of these accounts. In paragraphs investment term, interest rate, minimum deposit amount and deposit insurance, some providers differ considerably. The customer should consider in advance whether a fixed-term deposit account is equal to his investor profile or whether it rather creates his money on a high-interest free checking account or a tag account. You should do this especially if you would like to have the money even at short notice. The plant form of the fixed-term deposit account is very good interest to represent a risk for the investor.

This is because that the banks due to the fixed investment term planning security can enjoy. Nowadays, the range of deposit accounts is much lower than on money market accounts, because the banks adapted to the needs of their customers, who want to have more and more about their money freely and promptly. Conclusion: Before you decide on a provider for deposit accounts, you should look around carefully comparisons on a financial portal for fixed deposit account, to obtain the maximum amount of interest in the best conditions.