Coordination Tennis

These exercises you recommend below are very simple but have an immediate effect on the improvement of the coordination cuerpo-bola of the student who starts with your tennis lessons. If these learning and you see that you have problems to coordinate your body with the ball, I recommend that you leave for a few cuantas sessions tennis racket and start to perform exercises without racket. Remember that the racket is not more than the extension of your own hand with which you will get more power, so first you must learn to control your body and your hand before adding another additional element to the equation called racket. The exercise I recommend first is to tell to your tennis instructor or friend you throw balls by hand to different areas of tennis and your correaras to pick them up after a boat with your hands. This seems too simple exercise but the result in your cuerpo-bola coordination is very large if you repeat it during several sessions for a month. The second exercise you can do is the hit ball that you throw the teacher with your hand.The hit it with your open hand simulating technical tennis movement, will help you to desarrollarar the familiarization of the movement in a way more fast and natural before you pick up the racket also see immediate results while improvements the automation of the coup which is a very powerful motivator to continue learning. Well I hope that with these two exercises help you in your first steps how to play tennis and resolve coordination problems. Greetings and until the next original author and source of the article