Dani Martin

The composition of the songs will begin in September, announced on his Twitter. The recording of the disc itself will be from July 2012. His band, El Canto del Loco, no longer so far to reunite for a new job. D ani Martin, vocalist of El Canto del Loco, has announced on Twitter that from September will begin to work on what will be his second solo album, whose recording sessions, he says, will begin in July 2012. In September I start composing until July of next year, which I’ll start recording my new album. So announcing Dani Martin in his Twitter account (@ _danielmartin_) first steps from their second album without his group’s lifetime.

After the break in which the members of El Canto del Loco entered 2010, Dani Martin released his debut solo album, small, a predominantly acoustic album. Small is a disk that has the rhythm that has to have, is composed in a very particular moment in my life and my truth was ESA, explained the singer in one of their following Tweets. But now again the cane! It will be a fun, positive drive and it will also be conceptual, added Dani Martin, whose intention is do many songs and choose brutal 11!. Source of the news: Dani Martin will release his second solo album, thus postponing the return of El Canto del Loco