Total Management

Emphasis, in the relevance, reach that currently represents the national and international standardization. As also the way of as it has been given the origin and evolution of the family of the IRAM-ISO 9000 series standards. Planning and documentation of a system of management of quality IRAM-ISO principles of management of the quality IRAM-ISO 9001. Main definitions. Standard IRAM ISO 9001, standard IRAM-ISO 9004. Guidelines for improving the performance. Since then, are considered to be other rules IRAM-ISO 9000 standards series, as well as other policy 2000 and 2001 is also provided all the basics tools allowing to assess what should be the General requirements for a quality management system according to the culture organizational company, their characteristics and needs, emphasis is placed on what should be the direction of processes efficient. Resource allocation processes. Product realization processes. Measurement, analysis and improvement processes…Taking into account also the relevance of reengineering of processes, which is a technique whereby, analyzes in depth the functioning of one or several processes within an enterprise in order to redesign them completely and radically improve Lastly, we must not forget, that the implementation of the Total quality management depends on a full commitment and involvement of the senior management of the Organization, which translates primarily into: – always give the consumer what he wants to do everything from the first time and at the lowest possible cost, – establishment of a vision and a clear mission of the organisation, – development of strategies, policies and tactics, – development and implementation of plans of work, according to the challenges of the company, – development of a friendly atmosphere, justice, honesty, trust, collaboration, camaraderie, to facilitate the absorption of the message of Total quality, – involvement of all staff, – creation and promotion of the work in team, – training, training and continuous, personal, and professional improvement of the human resource, – evaluation of the performance of operations and establishment of recognitions and awards for success, – creation of an organization to foster an environment of continuous improvement, innovation culture, responding to the challenges in time – establishment of lines of information and communication at every level.