The 200

You can trust the seller having the feedback from users who have confirmed their home address, or they have a high rank. There are sellers who, for example, 100 positive and one negative review. Do not just close page! Read on for that film. Maybe it was received as a result of a quarrel between the seller and the buyer. Confirmed whether the address of the seller. Almost every online auction seller or the buyer profile is line or an icon indicating whether the address is confirmed by the user.

How to confirm an address? Very simple. In your profile, send a request to receive a letter from the administration of the auction. 7-12 days to your home address provided at registration, a letter arrives from the auction in which there is a special code. You type on the page of the auction and you have a line of “proven seller.” Buy goods from sellers with desirable proof of address. Number of lots put up by the seller. If two of the above paragraph does not give you the confidence to act on “Buy” can view the number of lots put up at auction by the seller. If they are, for example, about 100, and even then with the 200-300 can be traded. This means that the business activity of the seller is high, and therefore he will not get from anyone negative feedback.

Number of bids madeness other sellers. This is also you need to pay attention. For example, your player “X” made two bets buyers whose home address is not confirmed. Very often, these users (who made bets) can belong to himself to the seller. He first lot put an “X”, then moved to a different profile and bet on their same lot. This is done to increase the final purchase price. Deal with such fraud is also not worth it. To sum up. If the seller has confirmed its home address, a few reviews from customers, as well as analysis of the item “number of bets placed by other sellers’ successful, then you can safely make your bet, and fight for the lot, but looking at before Are you satisfied with the conditions of payment and delivery of the goods …. But I will write about it in the next article. List of online auctions can be found here.