Roman Empire Times

' ' These characteristics expressed, already two aspects of the taking of decision closely related citizenship concept, that it was so basic in the Greek world: the human character and the public of the decisions. With this, the control of the human destinations for the proper men was extended and the access of all to the world spiritual and the knowledge, the values and the forms of reasoning, allowing that everything became subject to criticizes and to debate' '. (ANDERY, PG 24) The Christianity if developed as official religion of the Roman Empire from century III of our age, and its necessities of maintenance and form of control had not moved, and yes they had changed the roupagem. The religions are without a doubt an instrument of control and cohesion of the social groups. It does not want to say that the religions do not have its value, for it I oppose the faith is the instrument that it motivates and of the direction the life of the man in all the historical times.

The question is in the religions that the man takes to the fanatism and removes of it the free will. We are passing for times of changes, changes in the values, the behaviors, the thoughts and in the way of living, today it is nailed to live well, this rank is polissmica, that is, depends on the way of life, the customs and the aptitudes of each group. In this direction the religion comes to create ways or to take off ways depending on you vary circumstances, between them, the economic one and the fundamentalismo has a great weight in the choices. ' ' The knowledge, still sufficiently incomplete, that psychology and sociology have of the man already allow to affirm some basic truths. The man is in the center of the society; the society is inside of homem' '.