AIM Programs

One of the ways easy to find out what is currently running on your computer is joining a program called Task Manager. To enter administrator deria pressing Options tareasuna at the same time, Ctrl + Alt + Delete, operating systems prior to Windows XP automatically opens a window with the process known as Task Manager. You can know more about processes with the site. For operational versions of windows XP / Vista in place appears a submenu, who has an option which you can right-click to Task Manager. Another option may be to enter the start menu, click Run. Once uste enter, the taskmgr.exe process, type and the Task Manager process should appear there as an option. Once the program begins to run, you will notice account in this window will be above any other window you have, but it insists primary.

In this program, you should find for the least 5 tabs, or most likely serious 6. Applications: this part displays main programs that you are using but not why are all of the programs that are currently running on the computer. It is important to clarify that it is only a small part of the programs that you can view on your taskbar. Processes: give you a list of everything you currently has this running on your computer, from the Windows of AIM to Firefox to view processes, even programs spyware and viruses should be listed here. Another helpful tip, serious search for what is this process on the website.

Services: it shows us the Windows services that are running. Performance: it gives you the information in a form useful measure like your computer is running. So to be able to see how much actually is CPU and memory is using. Network: it gives us information about network management. Now you know that elements composed the administrator of tasks for better performance on your computer.