Harmonious Society

Achievable ideal harmonious society the Kabbalists have been describing a top social reality, through all generations. Baal HSulam, in turn, explains how to achieve this in our generation. * Rav Dr. Michael Laitman have been wandering through the desert together with all mankind, and now we have found a great treasure, which abounds with all the best therefore, we prepare this Shofar (Horn of a RAM, in Hebrew) with the purpose of trompeter strong, if our brothers listen and become happy, (Baal HSulam, writings of the last generation). We all know the adventure films in which the hero discovers a mysterious map and goes together with a group of courageous individuals looking for a magic treasure. In general, from a journey long and risky, full of experiences, they do find the coveted treasure.

Treasures that we tend to imagine are normally ingots of gold and precious jewels, but not all the treasures in life are made of gold, there are treasures in our lives that have even a superior value. Suppose you wake up tomorrow morning, without any concern, surrounded by limitless abundance, or having ceased to worry about the future of your children, their health and livelihoods, or how they will manage in school and work. Imagine you get up one morning without having to hear in the news about the latest terrorist act, or the last Unfortunately ecological in any part of the world. Imagine the feeling you had if you knew that thousands of friends support you and worry about your good, in the same way that a mother is dedicated to their children. Sounds a bit like a surreal dream? Therefore, do not necessarily wear prior to a full reality is that the great Kabbalists have described this kind of ideal, for many generations. The prophets also spoke about what he calls the final days (of the future) and developed picturesque stories in this regard.