Duarte Jnior

In accordance with the authors, ' ' encarnada' ' he would be in the direction of relations learned corporally, significantly, based in sensitivity, the abilities, in the perceptions, relations these that would lead to one ' ' education of ateno' ' in which the man develops the sensible belonging to the world, exceeding the conception of world as mere material substratum for its existence. Similar reflection is made for Duarte Jnior (1983) to speech on ' ' learning significativa' ' , that is, that it produces some direction for the individual. In accordance with the author the one if discovery process through three mechanisms: significao (the interest), the memory (retention of the meanings/values) and the transference (to interpret and to act). Based in this perspective of knowledge and the art as a form to construct it, the author calls attention for the importance the aesthetic dimension of the education which takes the individual to create the directions and values that base its action on the environment in order to eliminate the dichotomy between speech and thinking, between thinking and acting, feeling and acting (p.18). With this, educating develop its significadora activity, extending the knowledge the areas that the intellectual symbolism does not reach. In this Duarte direction Jnior (2006) it considers ' ' education of sensvel' ': The education of the sensible nothing more means of what directing ours attention of educators that one to know first that it came being systematically neglected for the intelectivo knowledge, not only in the interior of the schools but still and mainly in the familiar scope of our daily life. To develop and to refine the directions, here it is the task, in such a way more urgent the more the world contemporary seems to dive in a crisis without precedents in the history of the humanity (p.14). The importance of the education of the sensible one also is detached by Steiner (1995, grifos of the author): ' ' education must leave of certain artistic formularization so that the total human being is solicitado' '.