To begin, take a red piece and put it in the field. If you win, increase your bet by one unit ($ 5). If you win again, the increase is for one unit again. So now you have $ 15 in the field. If you lose the bet is, rather than entering into a unit, so now is at $ 10. You are not doubling your bet on a victory, even if they arrive at a two or twelve. You go to a unit when you win and down one unit when you lose.

If you have $ 50 in the field and twelve (or two) hits and you win $ 100, only to increase your next bet of $ 5 to $ 55 and pocket rest. His goal of winning $ 150 means that the money in your pocket more money on the table. So if you started with $ 500 and now have a combined $ 150 in the table and the chips in your rack, then it is time to stop. If the shooter has successfully passed a series of non-field numbers, is limited in its losses, because they are decreasing your bet by one unit at a loss to zero. After you start betting one unit ($ 5) again. At zero, if you lose four bets in a row that is down from U.S. $ 20 (4 x $ 5). If you then win the next four bets in a row that rose to $ 50 ($ 5 + $ 10 + $ 15 + $ 20). Remember, you keep betting until you win or lose third of their in buying The most important part of this is to make sure your field bet is always “on” before leaving. Once the distributors say what you are doing, to help with this, but when you start betting, make sure you know that your bet is forever “.” You do not want to lose money even though he made the right bet!