Venezuelan Management

Carlos Mora Vanegas definitely dominates the business environment, organizations, institutions, the universities themselves an assertive organizational culture very poor, in recognition to the hard work of all those who made it, not only for a year, but already have several, are fully identified with the company, have contributed their experiences, skills knowledge arises where openly. There is a carelessness on the part of management to provide workers, to the human factor of the Organization, motivational incentives that help fully identify the worker with the company, to reaffirm the spirit of membership, product of the humane treatment of the reward, recognition of the work. Policies that generate a productive, motivational, conduct of belonging, result of a management capable of recognizing his delivery, performance of functions, productivity, the company’s achievements in workers are not defined. Manifests some apathy on the part of management, and even the Department of human resources integrate positively with the factor human, so to express within the organizational behavior always a climate that favours the development of the Organization, which presents a highly productive atmosphere, identification, commitment. Very few times we have perceived in the SMEs specifically acts where the productivity of work teams is rewarded, recognize creativity, innovation workers, their performance ability, his loyalty to the company performing functions that lead to positive results and do not generate organizational conflicts. In situations of uncertainty, as the Venezuelan business sector, where expresses fear, fear of being fired, product of the risks that many companies are facing before the actions of the Government, which currently faces where, many companies, even large ones, fear being invaded in their private property, passed to be operated by the State, is when more management must project their leadership capacities with actions that raise insecurity, it’s Trust staff, recognize those who generate performance, encouraged other metal Awards with other stimuli where sit fully identified with the company, in that their efforts, work is not only a salary, but there a predisposition of the company provide them aid in ways that give security to the worked towards their knowledge development, support to a guarantee of employment, a career plan that favors him.

Venezuelan management must identify more with the factor human, with work, no discrimination, no predilections teams, must be objective in providing recognition to those who really have favoured in the achievement of positive results in its management. Highlight the self-esteem to that worker who in addition to complying with the established functions, contribute new ideas, creativity, everything that contributes significantly to give way to a consistent organizational culture. You must annually for example management, reward workers, teams that have generated new changes, they have favored the company, faced the challenges with success, highlight their work, encourage them to continue contributing your experiences, skills, with prizes that encourage motivation to be always switched on for performances that will benefit everyone. Management with the Department of human in order to establish political, resource recognition awards, should be deeper so that workers are fully aware that in the company where they work, are considered, stimulated, recognized. I believe that today more than ever before the crisis it is facing, it is when they are given more opportunities to highlight the recognition to those who actually contribute solutions, suggestions, initiative that help get encouraging results, there are many stimuli which could be used if really the management committed to their organization.