How Our Hyper-manager Works

We provide our hyper-managers with the capacity to manage local hosts as well as some remote hosts from a single until Hyper-Manager tool.  It can also be used to install a guest OW as well as services to enhance integration between the virtual manger and the actual computer.

In addition, administrators are given the opportunity to support VMs through the volume checkpoint or volume snapshot option.  It can be used on all OS that have Hyper V as well as Windows 7 (in the capacity of administrative tool).  It is included in the RSAT package which is not enabled by default and has to be turned on manually.  By installing it on a client computer, users are able to manage it running on the host server.  The functionality matches that which is available in the version being managed.

Furthermore, our system has more credentials than most so that when one connects to a remote computer from Hyper-V Manager.  It can also connect to a remote computer through the IP.