With grants from the State faster to the homeowner up to 31 December this year customers can secure more State aid for this year. The public sector promotes construction and purchase projects for personal use with money grants in the form of housing award, Arbeitnehmersparzulage and the living Riester. Housing premium supports the housing premium customers in the accumulation phase. 8.8 percent of the paid-up savings between 50 and, for married couples the maximum supported savings contribution with 1,024 euros is 512 euro twice as high. Who so appropriately be saves until the end of December this year a contractor who can collect up to 45,06 euros (married 90,11).

Only savers who exceed the set income limits are entitled. Single persons may possess not more than 25,600 euros taxable income, married does not have more than 51,200 euros in the year. For the housing premium customers – receives the request together with the annual account statement – at the beginning of the new Year of the building society. He sends back filled these to the building society, which forwards it to the tax authorities. The IRS money transfers every year directly on the housing savings account – for a period not exceeding 10 years. Subsequently, the application may be made still: at the latest on 31 December of the next year, customers must submit him – until the end of this year beneficiaries can apply for so their premiums for the year 2009. Arbeitnehmersparzulage who by the employers collect services (VL) receives, can get the Arbeitnehmersparzulage from the State. This is 9 per cent on the annual deposits of up to 470 euros in a savings – so maximum 43 euro per year. The employer pays no VL, has the possibility, even parts of its content on the housing savings account transfer of workers and then also receives the premium.