Yellowfin 7 Provides Balance Between User Needs And The Company Produced

The BI SoftwareYellowfin 7 establishes a balance between the needs of the user and the IT of company. The provider of global business intelligence (BI) and analysis software, yellowfin, has equipped the latest version of its BI platform, yellowfin 7, with new management and Mangementfunktionen. Yellowfin 7 November 26, 2013 on webinars presents the new functionality on Monday 25 and Tuesday. In the latest version of yellowfin 7 the console with an analysis platform is equipped, which can be based on the needs of the users and at the same time by the IT staff simply handled, because the target is the enterprise-wide usage. “The participants of the launch of yellowfin 7 will appreciate the balance between the needs of the IT of company and the independent discovery of data the user know” so Glen Rabie, CEO of yellowfin.

Xue said international analyst firm Gartner have predicted that the best products in the business analysis strive for a balance between data mining and the management needs of companies. Yellowfin This challenge has grown. “We know that our users want to edit your data anytime, anywhere,” says Andrews. “But we also know that the best analysis programs include very are.” To BI efficiently across the enterprise to manage the entire management process must be streamlined. “We have worked hard, to develop a satisfactory management function for yellowfin 7 all components can more quickly and easily maintained. BI-management and administration is an ongoing challenge – this task should be not tedious and thankless.” The new management console by yellowfin 7 consolidates numerous administrative functions and provides the administrator with a total overview of all instances of yellowfin. Key indicators such as the users of statistics, including the number of users, logins in the dashboard and reports, to optimize the management and use of the yellowfin environment for the administrator. Yellowfin to three webinars on the occasion of the launch of yellowfin 7 invites, on Monday, 25 and Tuesday, 26 November 2013 log for the official launch Webinar by yellowfin 7 here on: YFCommunityNews-yellowfin-7-launch-Webinar-beautiful-balanced-brilliant-business-intelligence-148168 about Yellofin yellow is a global provider of business and to make intelligence (BI) analysis software, which is dedicated to all the target BI easier. The company with headquarters in Melbourne (Australia) offers intuitive and 100% online-based reports and analytics solutions. Yellowfin was founded in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia in response to the increasing complexity and the costs of implementing the traditional BI tools and is market leader in the field of mobile, embedded and enhanced exchange of information as well as on the market of location intelligence and data visualization. More information at