Writing a Blog

To write content for a Web site can be a task but this is very necessary so that its Web site promotes its company in the way better. Concerning the positioning it is necessary to consider other elements when it is created and it published blogs to improve the positioning. Of down there are some advice to realise blogs in the better possible way. Titles absorbents the title of blog must be acute, excellent, descriptive and to contain a key word. A little descriptive title, that the users never it would look for and the finders could not understand does not have sense, for that reason rich titles in key words add relevance. Goal excellent descriptions Google will only take the first part from the goal description for that reason it has assured that the description has I number of characters inferior to 160. The goal description must summarize the subject of blog in 1 or 2 phrases and to include the main key words.

The categories and the main key words In order to help the user to find blog that it can provide to him with the most suitable information, in unit stop blog is necessary to establish the categories. Each category must have a key word, and 5-8 categories are enough. To include key words the primary target is to write blogs rich in key words because the main reason for which blogs is written is to add to content and relevance to the Web site. Each blog must focus in the product, service or aspect of its company and must focus in a maximum number of 3 key words so Google can include/understand the subject of blog. Each key word would have to be used in blog 3 times and would have to be in letters bolds. The H2 uses headed Since tags of headed serves to add relevance blog at least must be used once in blog.