World Championship

The Anna Kirmes in Duren (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland) is one of the largest folk festivals in Germany. It takes place annually in the summer and lasts eight days. The fair was created when the relic of St. Anne was brought to Duren. A mason had allegedly stolen the Anna Main in Mainz and left it to the Durer. Pilgrims venerated the relic and a small market was built. This market has been growing and has been extended.

Now, traders and showmen came to the market. They brought everything with your market and the former became a folk festival. In the second World War the party for six years has been suspended. After that it could no longer take place in the city center. It was moved to a large square at the Aachener Strasse.

Today the fair takes on a huge Anna Flachte instead of over 50.000. More than 150 performers come from all over Germany with their attractions to Duren. Only a fraction of the applications received will be considered. The rides are always spectacular and draw Each year about one million visitors. The landmark of the fair is the Anna about 55 meters high Europarad the operator Kipp. Of course there are roller coasters, haunted houses, raffles, food and drinks. Some performers use the Anna carnival as a dress rehearsal for the Oktoberfest in Munich, which takes place a few months later. There are also several side events at the same time, such as the World Championship of cherry pit spitting and Annaoktav in the Anna Church. All events can by good transport links easily reached by car, taxi, bicycle or public transport.