Web Technology

We live in the era of technology and the Internet. Today is very difficult (almost impossible I would say) find a single home that does not have Internet connection, either through a computer, a mobile phone or the new tablet pcs. In Internet we can find any kind of entertainment and increasingly spend more time in front of a screen. As it is well known, Spain has a strong soccer tradition reinforced in recent years with the achievement of the euro and the world by the national team, so one of these entertainments that have been put very much in fashion in recent years are the games of football, in particular the online soccer manager. Currently there are managers of all types and colors, but I come to tell you of one in particular, recently created and that focuses on simplicity, fun and comfort.

Is Liga10.es Liga10 is a free online football and manager completely in Spanish based on La Liga and which competes against real users, it is say, other people, never users created by a computer or a simulation. It has a very simple interface, allowing you to easily interact with the software, which also is nothing complex, so it will be enough a few minutes a day (at times or that) to maintain your equipment. One of the great attractions of Liga10 is the possibility of creating a link to your own liking. You can define certain parameters of it to play your way. In addition, being a private League, who may join it you choose, allowing you to create leagues with your friends, co-workers, family, the penalty of the Forum that you visit regularly, teammates or if you prefer, you can join a League created by the computer in which you competiras against other people who have chosen the same option. But the best thing is that all this does not require any effort on your part, because you should not worry about finances, contracts of players, ticket sales, sponsors is much simpler than that, forget the typical complex managers. In addition, another good incentive is the ultimate prize. If you can lift you with final victory, you’ll get the official Jersey of your favorite team for the PIN! A are you waiting? Sign up free and lives with little more than emotion every football Sunday.