Venezuelan Change

When you commit deeply with what you’re doing, where your actions are pleasant for you and, at the same time, useful for others, when don’t you get tired of finding the sweet satisfaction of your life and your work, you are doing what to what Gary Zukav companies were born in the present, they require not only a qualified human resourcetrained, right-handed, but a visionary proactive management, ready to face the great challenges that the current scenarios demand, know opportunities, and above all, integrate properly with your human resource, having modern knowledge that administrative science has developed, together with the basic tools that involve to ensure favorable results for all. Not the slightest doubt as Quintero Ortiz indicated by M. Margoth, today the organizational dynamics requires transcending the old schemes, giving life to the formulations administrative, analyzing based on the results, since the time of bureaucrats is over, those who they perceived the reality through the lens of a structural model that things do not change and the static acquires value. The current era invented management movement and driving management humanity into an attitude of change, replacing the old schemes Ruperto Macha, which one provides us with effective management is a prerequisite for the existence, firmness and constant development of the company in the highly challenging and moving the current market conditions. Therefore, developing the theme goes to essential elements that must take into account the effective management across enterprise and in educational institutions, specifically. We considered fundamental aspects such as institutional culture, decision-making, sustained leadership, the Venezuelan aspiration to total quality, in a context of change and constant innovation the truth, that the companies our interest, they must have with managers, more dynamic, able to face the changes and generate actions that enable SMEs especially an operation that guarantees them conquer markets, satisfy their consumers and know to make best use of its resources.