Time Management

This reflects that each person thinks that others could do what this would do. As a manager for what you can give as a person, not otherwise achieve the goals as effectively as expected. It is important to note that the company is what your top management is. To achieve the quality of their products or services, its processes and organization in general on a sustainable and real change begins yourself. Once you achieve that change and is able to transmit, the implementation of management system and / or indicators will be successful since we already have the basics ready, people. To begin this change fijase easy goals to achieve. Here are some exercises you can do to make a difference to the human quality "on time all week to get to the office, does not mean 10 or 15 minutes after the time of entry but to be in the workplace ready to start day at the set time.

"Respect the agenda agenda for the meetings scheduled for the week, documentese properly prior to its entry and do not touch other issues pending the completion of scheduled, and above all respect the time of others. Do not schedule more meetings than you can get there on time and prepared for if not to miss or be late to none. -Maintain neatness in appearance, it is necessary to wear a suit and tie to maintain a good appearance at all times. "Do not take hasty decisions without analyzing at least two alternatives or analyze the causes of the problem. "Do not let any activity in the medium Finally, even if you realize this is not the best alternative you track until it is closed or closing.

Do not allow any uncertainty about the activities undertaken. -Practice meeting all requirements even if it means working for 1 minute, forget that you are the boss and follow the steps outlined, you will learn what it means that all activities carried out correctly. – Clean up your desk before work and at the end of the day, the early rounds may take more than 20 minutes, but eventually it will not last more than five minutes. Try to have it to use during the day according to your schedule so you will need. The order and cleanliness is essential in achieving quality, which in turn includes a good image. Quality is not only done, it must also appear that you do it. See the 5S method, make it a lifestyle. These changes affect not only the work, when it becomes a way of living is to positively affect their family atmosphere. The important thing is that every manager must be clear that the quality it should be required before requiring each others, as will be evaluated and perceived by staff based on the show as quality. In turn, that any management system not only improve the external image of the company for the certifications you can get, but to bring positive results, start by changing the caliber of those who apply this management system, the latter will reflect what senior management and staff are.