Venezuelan Manager

The Venezuelan Manager our interest at present is facing serious challenges that must know them deal with security, with actions that guarantee companies a significant role in their behavior, growth. You should know how to cope with the risks, uncertainty, turbulence, giving passage to actions that will counteract the effects generated by the incidence of variables surrounding, especially the State., find routes that minimize problems, which give way to a negative organizational behavior, by contrast, is manifested search for actions, means to help strengthen the training, development and proper utilization of human talent of the members that make up the organization. Optimizing the use of all its resources, the opportunities that are generated from a turbulent scenario, new economic openings that are occurring with the changes that have occurred in the country in the past year, for example with the new foreign trade policy that invites you to dabble in other scenarios. Generate changes that allow redefine its objectives, consolidate their strengths, work on your weaknesses and assess their goals, again now, faced with a new economic policy that the State has initiated within a socialist ideology. Administrator in the current reality conclusions is committed to solve confusing situations when their organizations are coping with uncertainty, change and competition. In the difficult situations such as that facing the country, workers require good managers, leading to these convey them trust impose order.

The leaders successfully become the eye of the hurricane, a reference point calm and reassuring in the breaking of which can take effective action. Be seen, that cannot be achieved a great success in the leadership profile, if the administrator is not energetic, eager to take on challenges, responsibilities and determined, capable of conveying the willingness to carry out the things to the profitable end and not to be able to exercise the determination and the good judgment of controlling emotions when they are subjected to pressures. Leaders not only control and targeting his followers, but in a very real sense, also embody the most significant characteristics of their groups. Trying to be a good manager in the present, whether to accept followers, to motivate them. guide them, train them, develop them, make them grow, encourage them to self-realization, to identify with one and therefore with the organization.