Grow Similar Life

Usually we talk about human evolution thinking about what happens over millions of years, the entire species, but what about individual development of each one of us? When we become adults, "we learn and grow? Upon reaching adulthood, cuandoa we settled in our work (which I get), in our love life and probably with children, think we've reached a goal, a point where we only need to live the best we can, grow old and die. But for many, when they reach that age is when you release the pressure of his predetermined life socially, and are dedicated to develop his true self. These individuals take advantage of you grow older to become truly adult. They understand who they are, what they want to be and what they do with their lives. This is the time when we can really begin to understand our life and our position in it, and so mature. I had a professor in taekwondo when I was young, he always said that one does not begin to learn martial arts until he becomes a black belt. The previous amount is only a preparation.

Now I understand the truth of that sentence. As always, before we realized if we belong to the first or second group, which we observe around us. Some of your acquaintances from years ago are still talking about the same things, having similar problems, similar views and responses very similar to those that had then. That friend who complains that her husband does not respect it, who suffers because his mother interferes in her life partner, or who are always problems in the same areas: money, work, family or love.