Management Business Proactive

National universities, through their management schools both at the undergraduate and graduate level, should generate transformations, changes that will allow you to train, train professionals of the Administration, specifically to your administrators with another vision, responsibilities, commitments, different as it has been doing, taking into account the characteristics of the current scenarios international and national so that they can play their professional practice, in such a way that favor corporations, region, country. There are many schools that have lost their way, have remained stagnant, providing knowledge not adapted to reality, where it still remains a profile, not consistent to what is required, in particular, a country like Venezuela faced serious problems in your scenario, where its business sector, is experiencing a negative situation, unproductive and closing. Forgets, that the Administration It is the main activity that makes the difference between organizations and the success that may have the Organization to achieve its objectives and meet its social obligations, product of the use of its resources, organizational structure, a proactive, dynamic, entrepreneurial management. Elibeth Cabrera tells us about the subject, that the profession of Manager is very varied depending on the level in which the administrator is situated, must live with the routine and the daily uncertainty of the operational level or with the planning, organization, direction and control of the activities of their Department or division at the intermediate level, or even with the decision-making process at the institutional levelfacing an external environment that the company aims to serve. How much more administrator worry to know or learn as tasks, run more prepared will to act at the operational level of the company. How much more you worry develop concepts more prepared is for action at institutional level of the company. An administrator must know as is prepare a cost estimate or a sales forecast, as builds an organigram or flow grass, as a balance, is interpreted as he is elaborated the planning and control of production, etc since these skills are valuable for the Administration, however the most important and fundamental is know as used and applied them adequately the fact that circumstances, that agreement as perceived performance, administrator involvement.