Correlate Customer Loyalty And Employee Loyalty

What positive employee loyalty so causes customers to see all companies as a wholeness. Everyone in the supply chain must do a perfect job. If it is stuck at one point also only or a single employee has dropped, then the dump was from the perspective of the customer ‘ to blame. He won’t come back and tell the world. Any business, marketing, and sales strategy is therefore only as good as the weakest employees who implement them. Therefore be the basis for loyalty in the Interior. This begins with the loyalty of management workers, customers and partners to.

Missing loyalty of the employer creates automatically lack loyalty among his employees. If you want loyalty, must actively living it – starting at the top management -, and request. From above ‘ the spark of loyalty must skip. Since all are based on the leadership. What positive employee loyalty causes loyal employees are a company’s most valuable employees. You are the best Kundenloyalisierer. They are even in a threefold success makers: providing the first provide their full power in the company, and secondly motivator inwards and thirdly as an Ambassador outside act as.

Careerists, job hopper and mercenaries ‘, which serve only their own interest, are, however, in loyalty-based companies out of place. For customer and employee loyalty are closely related. They strengthen each other positively and negatively. Staff turnover seriously affects primarily in customer-related business areas. To some replaceable service provider, it is just because of this a friendly person who knows a long. Customers are so often the employees compared with faithful and not the company. And sellers like to take their customers, if they change the company. Is can make hard new customers to regular customers, if this applies always only to beginners. Extensive and well-trained employees understand it much better to loyalisieren customers. And faithful Always-again customers confirm the employee to work in the right company. That makes proud! And loyal! What today’s employee loyalty means the more you feel connected his or her employer, the sooner you’re willing himself fully in his work to hang in. Loyal employees worry about the weal and woe of the company itself. You identify yourself with it and make their own corporate interests. You speak often and well, inspiring and passionate about their company inside and outside. All this gets a company however not free. You must earn, over and over again employee loyalty as well as customer loyalty. She are not prescribed and ordered that she is of voluntary nature. It is from want and not need. The good old employee retention is old news. The very word has something forced, that don’t like the new generation. Even golden handcuffs ‘ in the form of bonuses, options or incentives can at the end no loyalty effect. Employee loyalty means: volunteers, continued loyalty dedication and joy in the work ambitions and entrepreneurship identification and emotional connectedness active positive word of mouth never involves it blind obedience and the selfless sense of duty in earlier times. As in the modern sense loyal we can call only the employee, who meet all aspects of the definition. If you have such employees: analyze them precisely because of it, you want more! And your competition wish them the most. The audio book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller loyal customers win and permanently keep the 25 most valuable best practices for customer loyalty and customer care Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 70 min., price: 19.90 euros ISBN: 978-3-939621-85-0