The current social and economic structure would be unsustainable if there are banks. And with this we are not saying which are the best choice or that there is another possibility. We simply note that given the current state of things are essential. Another issue is whether they should exist, but that is not the reason for our article. In fact, our intention is another. Taking into account the above, we can not move us without credit card, without offices banking, without accounts online do know what are the best banks? So we must respond to two different questions, although entroncadas in the same: which Bank do we want? If, on the one hand, we simply want the economic interest, the chrematistic benefit that can offer us the current offer, basically we have to look at the amount of money we have and the kind of interest that each bank offers for that quantity. Which give us more money will simply be which interests us.

But, although perhaps someone believe it or not, there is another form of scoring to our Bank. Agree that we all want to get the highest economic performance but might not want it to do at any price. May not want the financing of companies that manufacture weapons, for example with our money (which we have in x Bank). If the latter is our case, we have to supervise our banks. Find information about where you invest (there are NGOs that are devoted to it) and act accordingly. And is that the best Bank does not have to be the one offering more money. The banks return to give mortgages for 100% of the floor