Brief Introduction

This series of Sand washing machine is an efficient wheel-bucket sand washing equipment developed and produced for cooperating sand making by combining with the actual conditions of domestic gravel industry. It is mainly used for removing the impurities (e.g., dust) of sand products, and the Sand washing machine has three functions, such as cleaning, dehydration, and classification. The sand washer cleans the raw stone by using machinery equipment. Quality requirements of the projects at the same time, the sufficient productivity must be met to the supply of the stone concrete mixing plant. The work process of the sand washer is generally as followings: raw material storage, transportation, cleaning, finished products conveying sewage precipitation and reuse. At present, the common sand washer can be divided into drum mixing type sand washer, spiral push sand washer, bucket wheel washer and cleaning sand washer vibrating sand spatula. Hongxing Mining Machinery mainly produces and sells the XL type sand washer and XS type sand washer.

Since the appearance and the sand washing principle of the equipment is different, the XL type sand washer is also called the spiral sand washer, while the XS type sand is also called the water wheel sand washer washer. First of all, the electrical machine drives the impeller rotation slowly after being decelerated by the STI s v-belt, reducer and gear wheel. And then the sand through the feeding trough gets to the washing slot. The sand begins to tumble at the impeller s lead, and begins to grind each other. It can remove the surface impurities from the sand, while destroy the steam layer covering the sand, which makes the dewatering easier.

At the same time, watering the machine and forming a strong flow, take away the impurities and the small proportion foreign body, and discharge from the overflow exports wash trough, completing the cleaning effect. At last, the clean sand is taken away by the blade, through the rotating impeller to the tank, finishing the washing process sand blow. Characteristics of sand washer: First, because the bearing soaks in water, sand and pollutes for a long time, the bearing of the former sand washer always suffers damage. The XS type bucket wheel sand washer separates the bearing of the equipment from the raw material, which completely eliminates the occurrence of similar phenomena. Second, the design of the XS bucket wheel sand washer equipment is reasonable. The machine has no components for frequent replacement except the screen and the service life is long. Mining and washing equipment is an important industrial equipment for the production of raw materials and energy. Its improvement of efficiency will become an important part for saving resources and energy. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has achieved one-stop service which is a collection of R & D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. Henan Hongxing learns from foreign advanced technology and optimizes the design to create the complete set of crushing and screening equipment which makes the hard rock impact crusher, jaw crusher, sand making as the core. These equipments have become the pillar equipments in the domestic and international construction industry, high – grade highway and railway.